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Essential Jewellery Every Man Should Own

In the age of Jacob Elordi and ASAP Rocky, men’s fashion is experiencing a renaissance. As men embrace new styles, it is evident that they are wearing their hearts on their sleeves (quite literally). Now more than ever, it is appropriate for men to wear jewellery. This is why Alfred & Co. London has a wide range of quality pieces and essential jewellery every man should own.

Men’s essential jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, women’s pieces tend to get a lot more attention than men’s — and there are just so many more options for women’s jewellery. And so, the dapper man can feel slightly left out when shopping around for the perfect accessory. Here at Alfred & Co. London, we understood the need for a specialized shop that will help men feel empowered by wearing jewellery. Today, we will show you many options for the fashionable man, and here are a couple of jewellery pieces every man should own as well as tips for wearing them.

Piece of Men's essential jewellery
Wear your bracelet on your dominant wrist and let the compliments come

Bracelet- man’s best friend

For those active in business and social circles, who like to change up their look from time to time, bracelets can be a great alternative to cufflinks. From the handshake to the cocktail hour, bracelets make a lasting impression. Men’s bracelets are a stylish way to accent your bespoke suits, leather jackets, or plain tees. Diamond-studded bracelets and silver curb bracelets are fast replacing standard plain bands and leather straps. And for all those who are looking for a perfect gift, you are at the right place. This piece of jewellery will be to everyone’s liking.

A ring- simple, yet effective

It’s nice to have a few rings in your jewellery collection. You don’t need a lot of them, but it’s nice to have at least one or two. A wedding ring is a must if you’re married—and don’t settle for just a plain gold or silver band if that’s not your style. For a wedding band, you’ll have plenty of options, including rings made from a variety of materials, including gold and titanium. The simplest, yet the most effective one is a sterling silver band ring. Just make sure you pick the right ring shape and size for your hand size and finger length.

For a bold look, opt for a Silver Eagle Eye Ring

Cufflinks are an essential accessory for every man, whether they be formal or casual. They give your outfit a dash of personality and panache while keeping it classy—a perfect substitute for plain button-down shirts. There are plenty of styles and patterns out there, so make sure to choose the right one for your next event!

Men’s earrings- A big comeback

Some people might argue that earrings are not essential—after all, how many adults wear them every day? Yet earrings have grown to be a popular category for e-commerce businesses. Earrings can be simple and minimal, but there’s a lot of variety in this category. Studs and rivets make good starting points for geometric shapes.

Stylish high quality chain

Men’s chains as jewellery have become popular in recent years. A sleek Figaro gold chain is a perfect accompaniment to any outfit, from formal to casual settings. Wear a single gold chain around your neck and you’ll look like a winner! When you want to wear a necklace but gold isn’t your thing, try silver or copper chains. They’ll look great with an all-black outfit or in more casual and romantic settings. And layering chains is another great trick to make your outfit look stylish and classy in no time!

Cuban chain necklaces are a must-have in any men’s wardrobe

Quick guideline for men’s jewellery

When choosing a metal for your jewellery, consider these options: Yellow gold is the choice of confident men who do not mind a bit of bling. Sterling silver is a subtle and durable option. For special occasions or luxurious jewellery that call for a well-intended splurge, platinum combines the flare of gold and the sophistication of silver to make a unique choice.

Choose your jewellery based on the place and occasion. A simple, understated necklace is appropriate for a business setting, but a showy piece or two can be worn to formal events and a bit of bling goes well with dinner-party attire. You can also wear minimalist pieces when you’re dressing casually with friends.

Make a smart investment. If you’d like to splurge on a few pieces of jewellery, do it right! Buy luxury items that are made of quality materials and that will last you a lifetime. Quantity doesn’t count for much, but the quality will make all the difference.

Men’s essential jewellery can liven up an outfit, reflect a person’s individuality, and accentuate your overall style. So remember to include one of these trendy accessories in your outfit whenever you get dressed up for an occasion! And make sure to check out our Instagram page for some more inspo!

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