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Your b*tch wanna party wit a savage😼💸

💇‍♀️ danniibeestings23
#eboy #2021 #newyearnewme #eboyaesthetic #corpse #corpsehusband #emmalangevine #tiktoker #irish #glowup #toxicfreeliving

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Bored 😑 💤

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Being in the lead so what usain

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Today, Y1 were allowed to dress as anything they wanted as a reward for settling back into school life so well. Out of all the super heroes, scary villains, swashbuckling pirates and fairytale characters, Casper chose to dress like his big brothers – chain and all! Clad from head to toe in an oxymoronic combo of Xbox/PlayStation merch, with Bruno’s pinched Nike socks, Air Force 1s, the obligatory Champion cap and chunky silver chain – it was hard to tell if he intended to go in as a Hugo/Bruno mash-up, mega-mix or as Kevin and/or Perry. Either way, he was pleased as punch. #whenigrowup #idreamtofbodenandchinos #styledbycasper #Caspergoeslarge

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“It gets easier when they aren’t holding you back anymore” idk who said it but i loved reading it. 💛

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“It’s the closure and daddy issues for me x”

Fav quote of the night

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Who doesn’t love an Eboy?
#eboy #lilhuddywannabe #lgbt #tiktok #harrystyles #machinegunkelly

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