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Mens Silver Necklace Chain

Why a curb chain makes the perfect men’s necklace!

Curb chain necklaces for men have become extremely popular in recent years. As well as being timeless, they are effortless to wear. The curb design chain, which is also known as gourmette, is one of the most sought-after chains around the world. And they look great on men too! Alfred & Co. London can help you decide and pick the perfect stylish piece of jewellery that you will love to wear every day.

Curb Chain Necklace: What are they and how do they look?

Curb chains are designed similarly to cable chains. The oval links are usually flattened and twisted so that they rest even on the skin. Historically curb chains were used as straps under the horse’s jaw, thus the name. Due to the designs strength and sheer robustness, a silver curb chain necklace is always a lasting piece, both for women and for men.

Wearing a chain necklace can either make you feel like a gentleman or provide you with street cred, depending on how you dress it. Most men pick the ones that are thicker, and more flashy; but going for a thinner one delivers a more subtle, classic look & feel – you wouldn’t be disappointed with either! Additionally, curb chains are available in a range of lengths and finishes, and they are usually worn without a pendant.

curb chain necklace
Man’s curb chain necklace gives you an effortless and timeless look – the ice© chain

Here’s how to style your curb chain necklace

The simple design of this necklace makes it very popular. However, there are some rules on how to style it. A good length for a man’s curb chain necklace is typically around 18-20 inches. As they lay flat on your chest, you should choose carefully what to wear with them. You can wear it under your shirt, or you can choose to show it off. For a classic look, opt for a monochromatic jumper or a t-shirt and a thinner silver curb chain necklace. Guys can easily pull off a bolder look by choosing a thicker curb chain, especially for parties or any informal events – if it’s a heavy and chunky necklace chain you are after checkout the Harlem cuban chain.

Why is this a perfect necklace for a man?

Occasionally we hear the question; should men wear necklaces – here at Alfred & Co. London, we stick to our opinion – absolutely YES…it is the 21st century after-all! There are no rules when it comes to jewellery, and nothing can limit you from looking your best. Globally men have embraced all types of chain necklaces, and a curb chain is no different.

Objectively speaking, a curb chain simply looks sophisticated on a man’s neck. Moreover, guys can naturally pull off an effortless look, and with no hair to cover the necklace, it’s spot on! If you are looking into buying jewellery for the special man in your life, we can definitely help with that too! 

Gold or Silver, the choice is yours

There are plenty of things to be considered when choosing a necklace for yourself. The length, the thickness…And then there’s the question of material/color. There are two main necklace styles: gold and silver chains. Both are equally as stylish and fashionable, and there’s really no mistake in choosing either. Guys mostly tend to choose the ones that will match the rest of their wardrobe or jewelry, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

A man wearing a golden necklace
Gold necklaces are always in fashion, especially in 2022

We recommend that you make bold decisions and mix and match the pieces. Believe it or not, a gold curb chain necklace can be paired perfectly with black, green, red, and even gray or silver. There are some pieces of jewelry that are harder to style than others, but we are sure you will find a classic piece on our site that will fit your wardrobe.

A thing or two about curb chains that you didn’t know

We’ve all been in that situation, where a necklace just brakes off and we have to buy another one. Lucky for us, a curb chain necklace is very durable! The chain is made up of soldiered links, which are thick and heavy, meaning- it won’t break that easily. No more losing our necklaces! Curb chains made of solid material cannot easily be dented, making them stronger. Hollow ones are a bit more fragile, but it all depends on the material. Here at Alfred & Co. London we only sell solid curb chains – never hollow! Follow us on Instagram and check us out.

Alfred & Co. London can help you elevate your style game

It is certainly advisable to give some thought before purchasing a new piece of jewellery. However, investing in a timeless piece like a man’s curb chain necklace is a decision you won’t regret. A stylish necklace is a must in every guy’s closet. Some fashion trends go out of season, but a necklace in a curb design will last you for years to come. If you have any doubts, you can contact us and we will reply within an hour to any question you might have. Join Alfred & Co. London and become one of the thousands of satisfied customers that found their perfect piece of jewellery.

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