If you’re thinking of buying jewellery from ebay, there are a few things you should know before you do…

Unless you have been living on the moon for the past 10 years you will no doubt have at least heard of the corporate giant that is ebay! ebay is an online marketplace which is useful for purchasing a vast range of products. Their offering includes items from office stationary, technology & clothing through to kitchenware and furniture. In fact, if you can think of a product, chances are, you will be able to find it somewhere on ebay! However, even though ebay is a fantastic marketplace to go to when you are in need of certain items, buying jewellery from there does not come without risks and potential problems. Here we will briefly talk about some of the problems which customers both past and present have reported when buying their jewellery items from ebay!

Untrustworthy Sellers…

Even though there are a lot of sellers who can be trusted, it is important to remember that there are also a lot of dubious sellers who operate on the ebay platform. ebay isn’t known as a very strict marketplace when it comes to them allowing sellers to offer their merchandise on there – which in turn means there are a lot of sellers who do not necessarily have the customers best interests in mind. This can lead to a bad quality jewellery product, and quite often, even worse customer service!

Chinese Sellers

A lot of the jewellery sellers on ebay are based in China which means the jewellery they are selling is pretty much guaranteed to be made in China as well. It is well known within the jewellery trade that a lot of jewellery which is manufactured in China, is often of poor quality. Quite often, Chinese sellers will claim their jewellery is made from one material and it will then turn out that it’s actually made from another completely different material – if you are thinking of buying sterling silver jewellery from ebay, we would 100% advise you to seriously reconsider – there is an awful lot of jewellery which is sold through ebay which is purportedly sterling silver or either 9ct or 18 carat gold, and in fact quite often turns out to be only silver plated or gold plated – this can be incredibly damaging to the skin and even leave horrible green marks on the skin as well!

Expensive Returns

Quite often, the reason a lot of people are tempted to buy their jewellery from ebay in the first place, is because they are trying to grab a bargain. Ok, yes, jewellery on ebay can be cheaper to buy, but along with the points already mentioned above, buying jewellery on ebay can actually turn out to be more expensive in the long run!! This is because, as we have already discussed above, a lot of the sellers are based in China, and therefore they would expect you to return the item to China if you deem it to be unsuitable – postage costs to China can end up costing 2/3 times what the customer paid for the jewellery in the first place – that’s even if the item does actually end up reaching them in China! The Chinese postal service can be long, slow and unreliable, which means some customers are sometimes waiting months for their item to reach its destination if it gets there at all!

Faulty Jewellery

If you’ve bought some jewellery from ebay, and it turns out to be faulty, you wouldn’t be the first customer to experience this issue. If you buy jewellery from ebay which turns out to be faulty, then this will more than likely be a combination of the above points; dubious sellers who put profits before jewellery quality. Because a lot of the sellers on ebay put profit before the quality of the merchandise and customer service, there is a much increased likelihood that the jewellery you are buying is going to be quite poor quality. If you are buying for yourself, a faulty jewellery item obviously causes problems, but even worse, if you are buying the jewellery as a gift for someone else it can also be quite embarrassing!

Tax Avoiders!

There are a lot of large corporations who have, in the past, been accused of taking measures to avoid paying their fair share of corporation tax. So by purchasing your jewellery from ebay, or any item for that matter, even though it’s not nice to admit it, you are essentially condoning this behaviour! Some people may be thinking, well so what if they avoid paying tax, we don’t blame them – however, the problem with large corporations such as ebay avoiding paying their fair share of tax, means that everyone who lives in the UK ultimately suffers as a consequence – less tax collected from these behemoths means less government funding for schools, charities, NHS and other infrastructure such as roads and parks etc – so in a nutshell, everyone in the UK suffers!

Supporting Small UK Businesses Benefits Everyone!

If the above discussion points aren’t enough to make you think twice about buying your jewellery from ebay, then remember that buying through ebay means a small UK business loses out – this in turns means everyone in the UK then loses out as well. The below image illustrates how when customers consciously make their purchase from a small UK business, their money ultimately gets reinvested within the UK and they are supporting local communities, families and jobs!

Ultimately, whether you buy your jewellery from ebay or not, is your choice and your choice alone! But it’s always worth considering the pro’s and cons of buying jewellery from ebay when there is an abundance of jewellery choice from smaller independent jewellery retailers – one of which is ourselves, Alfred & Co. Jewellery, who have established a solid reputation for supplying high quality jewellery online at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for mens jewellery or ladies jewellery, Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a wide selection of highly stylish, fashionable and affordable jewellery to choose from. Whether you’re looking for cufflinks, silver bangles, mens necklaces, mens bracelets, silver chains or silver charms we have something for you. Browse our jewellery today!

If you’re considering buying jewellery from that well know giant, Argos, then ensure you read this first! There are many reasons why people choose to buy their jewellery pieces from Argos, however it may not always be the right place for you!

Here at Alfred & Co. Jewellery, we can understand why so many people consider buying their jewellery from Argos – they are after all, a very well known and liked catalogue store who the vast majority of us have made some kind of purchase from previously at some point in our lifetimes. However, it’s important to understand that there are other and often better places out in the market to purchase your jewellery pieces. Even though Argos prides itself on providing jewellery at reasonable prices, there are often better quality jewellery pieces which are more fashionable and stylish at a similar price level.

Here at Alfred & Co. Jewellery we supply a wide selection of very high quality jewellery pieces at a very reasonable price point – this is why customers keep on coming back to us! The below showcases a small selection of some of our popular jewellery pieces for both men and women. All of our jewellery pieces are always at the pinnacle of jewellery fashion trends, ensuring they deliver a look which empowers the wearer with style and confidence – especially perfect if you’re buying jewellery as a gift for someone special in your life! Our jewellery selection includes silver bangles, silver chains, mens necklaces, mens bracelets, cufflinks and silver charms. So yes, of course you can buy your jewellery from Argos, but all we are saying is that there are very high quality alternatives out there like us – plus you will also get that warm gooey feeling you get from knowing you have also supported a smaller family business rather than a corporate machine!

All of our jewellery comes with a luxury Alfred & Co. Jewellery box and quick, safe and secure delivery.

Browse both our men’s jewellery and ladies jewellery designs today!

Okay, good dressing can really prep up the entire look of any man, we’ll give you that but sometimes it’s a guy with a brilliant sense of accessorising that stands apart from the rest in an impressive way, of course! Looking attractive doesn’t imply just having solid looks to do the dew instead it’s all about your careful taste in clothing, the choices you make in stylizing and most importantly how you carry yourself despite what others might make of you.



Unlike women, men do not make jewellery choices depending on which item twinkles the brightest. Men have to keep it discreet, fashionable and on point. Too much would look clownish and too less will appear half-done. Better hover over a safer but a sharper option.

Dismissing The Classics



There are always the basics to start with and trusting their instincts, men fall for fail-safe options such as wristwatches, tie clips and cuff links to be precise. However, explore your options, you may come upon something that gives that wow factor and forces a second glance (you get the meaning, yeah?) Well, that something is hidden in our mens necklaces.


We’ve got chains and necklaces in exotic masculine symbols that let you embrace your personality, sentimentality, and originality. We’ll introduce some of the most unique pieces from our diverse range, so you can pull off the coolest bloke vibes ever.


The Simpler The Better



Men cannot be loud with their jewellery choices, their picks should be natural, stylish and like a part of their body, for it to look they’ve had it on for years. Plain chains of stainless steel like our Mens Necklace in Sleek Style are one famous item of male adornment. They can be worn in a variety of styles depending on the length, metal, and craftsmanship. Whether you pull off a chain over a simple t-shirt or layer it with a pendant necklace, you’d look cool no matter what. Just remember to keep things modest!


Devotion To Religion



Religious necklaces are great emblems of showing your faithfulness to your particular religion. These symbols not only look dapper but are a reminder of what you stand for and others too. They’re merely used as a personal show of belief and the most popular ones are the crosses, scapulars, and stars of David. You can try our Men’s Cross Necklace which is available in both gold and silver. It is a beautiful cross necklace that would help you set your own jewellery statement without trying too hard. Wear it and nail it!


The Additions – Pendants



Pendants merely refer to small icons looped on a long chain, so it can rest below your neck right where your breastbone is. As long it’s small, stylish and hits the sternum right, you’re good to go. The symbol can be anything from a circle, half-moon to a shark tail like our Shark Tail Necklace. Worn over a white t-shirt, straight leg jeans and trainers – you’ll be the casually hot walking vision.


Going Ancient



Our Byzantine style jewellery has become such a style statement – The Byzantine style has always been above the rest and gives off a rich opulence, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We admit it’s heavy, ostentatious and extravagant but would look particularly divine during a dressing up event. However, our Byzantine Style Mens Necklace is certainly not over-elaborate and would look suitable on any attire. Either Keep it low-key half-hidden under the collar of your shirt or wear it proudly over a loose shirt, both ways the effect will be admirable, and double brownie-points for the black version we have in our mens necklaces collection.


The Snake’s Charm



There’s been prejudice around men wearing jewellery, people are okay with wristwatches and a wedding ring, jewellery for men is almost considered a direct attack on their masculinity. Now, times have changed, new codes have been set and nothing is harming the rules of complete manliness anymore – men are men and they want to express their individuality however they like. To enjoy these fruits of freedom, our Mens Chain Necklace Snake Style will be the ideal piece to do so. Delightfully riveting and sly-fully classy, pair this with dark denim, ruffle up your hair and you’d be causing quite a stir.

Ladies silver bangles are one of those power pieces which let you assimilate whether to go as a minimalist, maximalist or simply follow where your heart leads you. Bangles for women are available in many shapes and sizes with designs that will leave your eyes in awe – there’s something for everyone and every occasion. From stacking up the lower-half of your arm for a bohemian approach, pairing a silver charm bangle or solving the issue with a single silver bangle to subdue your rather busy outfit, silver bangles help a lot in a fashion trauma and even more!


Reasons to Own At least One?



Well, for obvious reasons we must state that apart from bangles being tremendously versatile, they last for a long time especially if they are made from sterling silver like in our case and not just plated with silver. Sterling silver is timeless and looks elegant, and most importantly stands the test of time.



Sterling silver jewellery is durable, implying that it can be treasured and passed onto next generations as an heirloom since you can rely on that it won’t rust or get spoiled beyond repair. Moreover, you can easily rub it clean with a dirt-free cloth and a simple varnish.



Women’s silver bangles are hypoallergenic meaning that sterling silver is manufactured from 92.5% of pure silver and the other 7.5% usually comprises other metals mostly copper. Sterling silver doesn’t cause any allergic reaction, unlike nickel. Make sure you buy silver jewellery that has 925 sterling silver mentioned to confirm that indeed it’s a true silver item.



Sterling silver is the most popular metal used for jewellery. It not only is an inexpensive investment but gives jewellery-makers and buyers alike a very creative experience. A metal that always stays trendy and keeps you trendy has extreme popularity which causes it to be easily available, one more excuse to purchase it.



You have limitless choices at hand with sterling silver and similarly, if you wish to expand your jewellery collection with high-end and high-quality pieces, it is a must. From a vast range, you surely are going to find a piece that will sweep you off your feet. Sterling silver jewellery earns the reputation of being all-inclusive as you only need one piece to layer, mix and style it with other metals without worrying that it’ll clash against your attire, rather you’ll get to pull an effortless look with it being a standout.


Opt For Modern & Sleek



We believe ladies bangles speak about their individuality, something that says “mix and tell,” It should be as dominant as your shoes or your bag for that matter. Our Silver Torque Bangle Twist is a cuff bracelet and is entirely made of solid 925 sterling silver. Torque styles have been around for ages and can be worn snugly without having to meddle with any clasps or hinges. These exuded important symbolism in ancient times as they emphasized power, nobility, strength, and status. Likewise, this will have a lot to say about you particularly when you pair it with blacks, whites, or dark blues for an absolute exquisite finish.


Go Big & Bold



Sometimes, piling up too many bangles together prevents the uniqueness of each piece showing through and they merely look feckless. To keep things spicy and noticeable, our Butterfly Bangle in Sterling Silver is worth a try. The average image of charms is chains linked with dangling symbols like hearts, stars or different shapes, etc. But this one is different and attracts attention in a pronounced manner. We’d suggest going simple with this bangle as too much would impair its impact. Be careful, be cute, and be cool!


Add Some Daintiness



There’s nothing quite like some minimalist bangles for women to believe that often “less is more.” Bracelets are a brilliant way to snapshot your life, what you feel, what you love and what you seek. Knot bracelets fit the idiom “wearing your heart on your sleeve” perfectly and we love it! Claimed as the true lover’s knot, our Silver Knot Bangle is a sign of true love, affection, and friendship. Not does it only serve as an ideal gift for your special someone but can be paired with your watch for that rare semblance.


Trust Your Natural Instincts



Being close to nature proves to be a road to self-discovery and wearing it as part of your routine jewellery gives out that extra wow factor. Our Feather Bangle in Sterling Silver brings the perfect opportunity to experiment. You can break the rule of not mixing your metals and go for copper, gold or rose gold with this bangle. Mixing metals is hot in the fashion books right now, so you might want to get a taste of it too.


Our Message


We hope you liked our take on sterling silver bangles and we’re pretty certain you’ll be able to create some smashing looks yourself. To read similar content, subscribe and get the latest updates. Why not view all of our ladies silver bangles today!

Are you an independent jewellery designer looking for ways to sell your pieces? If you’re looking for distribution partners or retailer partners to sell your jewellery designs then Alfred & Co. Jewellery may well be interested! We work with a vast array of highly skilled and talented jewellery designers and artists who like a simple, no hassle approach to selling their creations. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we work with jewellery designers, please contact us today at [email protected] and a member of our team will come back to you.

Key benefits of working with Alfred & Co. Jewellery include: –

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Artists Choose Copyright
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Fashion is ever-changing but certain things stay forever because they’re both meaningful inspirational! Symbolic jewellery helps people to insert a bit of their personality into their outfits, showcase their individuality with confidence and demonstrate what they believe in. Just like Hamsa and Evil Eye jewellery, the Tree Of Life shares the same significance and has been around for a long time, moreover is here to stay due to its increasing popularity. Today, we’ll introduce our Tree Of Life Jewellery and will enlighten as to why it is a collection of both promise and style aesthetic favourable for women of all ages.

What Does Tree Of Life Stand For?


Everyone shares a different side of Tree of Life and all stick to their own variety of meaning since it is meant as a gateway of knowledge, and the more you familiarize with it, the more you get to witness the numerous facets. It links back to almost all religions and many spiritual beliefs, mainly focusing on Buddhism, portraying the Bodhi tree, representing Buddha’s road to enlightenment. Basically, it is a cross between many cultures and brings out the originality of every human being, no matter which religion you belong to.

The stem is the root of all goodness, we get a tree and then the leaves that gracefully decorate the entirety of its very being. Tree of life brings out the message of connection and skimming to new chapters of life. It provides you with hope of starting from the core to purify the outside. Tree of life is a symbol of learning, wisdom, and awareness. In order to understand, you need to explore and to succeed, you need a cure first. All of the characteristics which are being defined by various ranges of Tree Of Life Jewellery, from bracelets to rings and to earrings – you have the ease of donning this symbol and inviting its superior qualities around you.


Profound Messages




Tree of life depicts a tree reaching out and in with its branches and roots while being contained in a circle. The circle showcases the world and the tree relates to everything else. This symbolises nature and your family, almost like a life cycle.


A tree might appear weak and thin in the early stages of growth but as it matures, it stands guard against natural disasters, harsh sun rays, pollution and provides shelter to everyone, without nestling into social class, status or ranks as set by humans. It is an icon of power, purity, and protection- the three P’s mankind should aspire to be!


No doubt a tree grows old, yet it possesses the key of continuing its generation, henceforth it remains immortal. It imbues you with positive energy, clarifying the importance of living for the better good and boosts you to work for a bright future. Learn from a tree – it stands tall and proud without a doubt!


Our Collection


People like to wear Tree of Life Jewellery to define and accept their uniqueness, therefore it’ll refine your style. Whether you wear it for religious means or as a mere fashion statement, the choice is yours truly because Tree Of Life is for everyone, is reputable and most of all doesn’t bear any negative undertone. Our collection features earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.


Mulberry Tree of Life Earrings

Tree of Life earrings and ear studs made with sterling silver are ideal for daily wear. Our earrings and studs enable to express a natural, organic side of yours while remaining in the frames of a fashionable edge. Whether you’re getting ready for work, have an important meeting to attend or walking around the town with your girlies – these earpieces are all good vibes and happy gestures. Presented in both rose gold and silver, you can opt for what goes best with your dress, though we know rose gold would call for an inner squeal.

Mulberry Tree of Life Bracelets


Bracelets are versatile and one of the nicest ways to accessorise your outfit, single goes brilliantly with an elegant dress and multiple selections look best with casual attire. Our tree of life bracelets are available in both rose gold and silver, and the inclusion of sterling silver ensures a better longevity. If you gravitate towards simplicity with a touch of earth, our Mulberry Tree Of Life Bracelets will highly impress you.


Mulberry Tree of Life Necklace


Tree of Life Jewellery Necklace


Necklaces are a girl’s best friend, their range from a pendant to a choker and to a simple necklace lets you create and achieve many effortless looks. Our necklace comprises sterling silver which makes the necklace tremendously durable and helps you radiate your persona. Rose gold colour goes beautifully with black and white while assisting in making a fashion statement and tell you what? Ours is in Rose Gold!


Tree of Life Pendants

Pendants are just another level as they can be hooked on simple chains to either loop them around your neck or your wrist. Pendants are the perfect tie between formal and informal as you get to wear your favourite symbols in a stylish manner and layering adds that extra oomph. With our Mulberry Tree of Life Pendant and Tree of Life Pendant – you can easily translate harmony in your life smartly.


8 Pendant Necklaces Every Girl Must Own!

For women looking to make a bold style statement, pendants are a great way to express their unique and distinctive styles and personalities. No matter how simple your outfit may be, pairing it with a striking pendant necklace can instantly bring out the ‘oomph’ factor in your look. From simple designs to flashy accents, pendant necklaces can be found in a variety of styles to help you elevate your look.

Here we have compiled a list of our top pendant necklaces every girl must own in order to make a unique style statement.

Feather Pendant Necklaces

Looking for a chic and classy pendant that won’t overpower your look? Feather pendants are known to be quite versatile, classy and edgy. For some people, however, these are considered to be more than just ordinary pendants. Feathers reflect nature and symbolise ascension due to their association with flying creatures. Consequently, feather pendants are referred to as prominent symbols of liberty and spiritual freedom. Coming in a huge variety of colours and sizes, these gorgeous pendants can add a touch of glamor and elegance to your gloomy outfits. Feather pendants are often adorned with delicate crystals and stones that add to their beauty and exquisiteness. If you are looking to add an edgy look to your outfit, get your hands on a classic feather pendant and immediately elevate your look!

Feather Pendant Necklaces

Feather Pendant Necklaces

Animal Charm Pendant Necklaces

We, as women, are obsessed with animals! Becoming one of the most popular trends in jewellery styles, animal pendants look best when paired with casual or semi-casual outfits. Ranging from dolphins, turtles, owls and elephant pendants, various designers have been launching their own variations to bring unique styles into the market. Some of these pendants are perceived to hold mystical powers, which is why it is believed that women are usually drawn towards their auras. Animal pendants are often embellished with precious gemstones and crystals, which make them look even more stunning. If you are a passionate animal lover, your collection will be incomplete without a few animal charms!

Animal Pendant Necklaces

Animal Pendant Necklaces

Abstract Pendant Necklaces

Looking to add a chic and edgy look to your outfit? An abstract pendant is one of the most intriguing pieces of jewellery that you can wear. Not only are they extremely eye-catching, but they also have a hidden meaning behind them, which makes them even more captivating! If you want to add a modern and elegant touch to your outfit, pair it with an abstract pendant to achieve your desired look.  Inspired by nature and a huge variety of beautiful patterns, these pendants can help you take your look the next level!

Knot Pendant Necklaces

Known to be a universal symbol of eternal love and affection, knot pendants make for the perfect gift for a loved one! These timeless and classic pendants exude gracefulness, which is why they go well with subdued outfits.

Knot Necklaces

Knot Necklaces

Women that do not prefer bold accessories often opt for simpler alternatives such as knot pendants. Recognised as one of the most popular and historic pendants, knot pendants have been found in the ancient ruins of Egypt and Greece, which clearly depicts how popular these pendants were during those ancient times. A knot pendant usually consists of several layers that are intervened into each other to represent a knot – which basically refers to an eternal bond.

Heart Pendant Necklaces

Heart pendant necklaces are known to be one of the most exquisite and timeless accessories that every woman must have in their collection. Considered as a universal and common symbol of love, heart pendants can be given to your loved ones as a token of your undying love and affection for them. These pendants come in a variety of designs and colours, and are usually embellished with crystals and diamonds. This chic but timeless design is a must-have for every woman!

Pair your heart pendant with an A-line dress for the perfect feminine look!

Heart Pendant Necklaces

Heart Pendant Necklaces

“Lucky” Charm Pendant Necklaces

Lucky charm pendants are believed by many to be a source of good luck and fortune, and this is the sole reason why most people always love to have their lucky charm pendant necklaces with them. These pendants have been around for centuries and are available in many different styles and variations. Some women just like them for their aesthetic appeal and simplicity, but a vast majority of women believe that these pendants can help them turn their fate around. Various people also believe that these pendants have a hidden healing power that can help them in becoming a better and ‘improved’ version of themselves. Regardless of what an individual believes, these dainty little pendants can definitely amp up your look and bring you into the spotlight!

Lucky Charm Pendant Necklaces

Lucky Charm Pendant Necklaces

Religious Pendant Necklaces

Religious pendants date back to centuries and were worn by women belonging to different religious backgrounds in the past. Each and every religion has a specific symbol and variations of those symbols are beautifully crafted and then worn as pendants by women. These symbols usually include crosses, crescents, images of Jesus and Mary, David’s Star etc. These pendants are often adorned with crystals and gemstones to make them look a lot more fancy.

Statement Pendant Necklaces

Statements pendants are perfect for women that are not afraid to make a bold style statement. These unique and distinctive pieces can amp up any outfit, bringing you into the spotlight. Available in a huge variety of bright and catchy colours, these pendant necklaces can help you turn heads due to its distinctive style. Statement pendants usually look best when paired with simple outfits. Add a chic twist to your bland outfits by pairing them with a trendy statement pendant!

All of our pendant necklaces for ladies come with a luxury Alfred & Co. Jewellery box. Why not browse our full range of pendant necklaces today.

10 Best Styles of Bracelets for Men

Looking to add a touch of class and sophistication to your style? Or do you want to make a bold style statement? Men’s bracelets have completely revolutionised the way modern-day men accessorise. The modern men of this era are competing with their female counterparts in keeping up with the latest trends. Some of the most popular male Instagram models have given us major goals for their unique sense of style and fashion. Following in their footsteps, men are now opting for some arm candy to add a touch of poise and elegance to their look.

For this very reason, designers are now introducing new and elegant designs for male bracelets that can be worn in both formal and casual settings. Now you can wear your favourite bracelets to work, too!

Here we have compiled a list of the top styles in bracelets for men to help you amplify your look and redefine your style.

  1. Cuff Bangle Bracelets

With a slim body and a sleek design, the cuff bangle bracelet is perfect for guys looking for subtle accessories that exude a touch of elegance. This statement accessory is best for someone who likes the idea of bracelets but wants to keep it simple. Cuff bangle bracelets can be found in both gold and sterling silver, and are quite easy to carry. These can also have engravings of abstract designs, which are often a signature style of the designers that create them. Coming in a variety of different styles and sizes, cuff bangle bracelets often have some kind of embellishments at the end like skulls and hooks.

  1. Curb Chain Bracelets

Looking for a chic and classy bracelet to complete your look? Curb chain bracelets look effortlessly chic and add a touch of oomph to your outfit. Slim curb chain bracelets go best with subdued outfits whereas heavy and chunky metal curb chain bracelets give a bold look that goes well with casual outfits like jeans and tees. Teenagers and young men often prefer chunky curb chain metal bracelets while older men tend to prefer slim designs. Pair it with the right suit and you’re ready to take over the world!

Man Wearing Bracelet

  1. ID Bracelets

ID Bracelets were given to the soldiers during World War 2, and they soon became a symbol of power and influence. These bracelets are perfectly alluring for guys who prefer strong and bold statement pieces. With ID bracelets, you can easily go for custom engravings as well. Various engravings ranging from names, quotes, and meaningful dates can be carved onto the bracelet. These bracelets usually come with striking metal chains that add to its exquisite beauty. For guys that prefer the retro look, an ID bracelet will prove to be the ideal accessory! 

Mens ID Bracelet

Mens ID Bracelet

  1. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets hold high historic importance, as men have been using these accessories for the longest of time. These bracelets comprise of colored beads or other embellishments that can be added in the form of stones or crystals. The simplest of these bracelets showcase wooden matte beads. The most flamboyant ones have a touch of silver or gold in them. A few other variations are also available in the design, for instance, Chakra Healing Bracelets, Gemstone Bracelets, etc. These bracelets look epic when worn with watches. If you like to experiment with different looks and prefer versatile accessories, go for beaded bracelets to amplify your look.

  1. Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets have a rugged appeal and are best for men that like sturdy outfits. These strikingly masculine bracelets have a more casual finish to them and are perfect for men that follow a minimalistic approach. Leather bracelets have adjustable straps that go well with wristwatches and other bracelet styles. 

  1. Figurine Bracelets or Skull Bracelets

Wanting to exhibit your darker side? Try wearing some figurine bracelets! Figurine bracelets are one of the most popular designs in men’s bracelets for 2018. These usually represent some sort of figure or emblem to express an individual’s beliefs or inner thoughts and have a deeper meaning attached to them. The men that have rebellious attitudes often prefer wearing hardcore metal bracelets with skull figures on them. Some of the coolest men’s bracelets these days have a metal anchor on them for an edgy yet classy look.

Skull Bracelets

Skull Bracelets


  1. Braided Bracelets

Braided or woven bracelets are the perfect hand-made accessories to spice up your look. Woven bracelets often have some metal embellishments on them to make them look even more appealing. Known to be one of the most durable bracelet styles, braided designs are perfect to carry a robust look! 

  1. Bright and Neon Coloured Bracelets

Gone are the days when coloured bracelets were worn as a symbol of companionship! We have evolved and so have the trends in bracelets! Neon coloured bracelets can brighten up your gloomy outfits seamlessly! These dynamic colours can revive even the dullest of outfits whilst bringing the wearer into the spotlight. You don’t necessarily have to match the colour of your outfit when wearing these bracelets, as the charm of this particular look lies in the diversity of the colours.

  1. Double Wrap or Stacked Bracelets

Double wrap or stacked bracelets are perfect for guys willing to make a bold style statement. They have a great boho-hippie vibe to them and balance out your entire look. These bracelets are both smart enough to be worn to the office and perfect for casual wear as well. Stacked bracelets portray an adventurous feel and often have some symbolic meaning attached to them.

  1. Snake Bracelets

Stainless steel snake bracelets have a unique and sleek chain design, which makes them look stunning when paired with different outfits. The snake bracelet will be an ideal match for individuals that like to carry a subtle everyday look.

Snake Bracelet

Snake Bracelet

A decent bracelet can help you upgrade your style and amp up your look. Try experimenting with different looks and find the one that best portrays your personality!

Mens bangles are one of Alfred & Co. Jewellery’s specialist jewellery products and we supply our mens  silver bangles to the UK and worldwide. Here we are going to provide you with some additional information about our mens silver bangles…

What Are Mens Bangles?

Mens bangles are essentially a type of bracelet, and usually made from, yes you’ve guessed it, silver! Silver bangles are very popular jewellery fashion accessories, worn by both men, women and children. Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a love of sterling silver mens bangles, simply because of their ability to add an extra dimension to any attire. Our sterling silver bangles are 925 sterling silver; this means the bangles contain at least 92.5% silver – the rest is usually a mixture of other metals to ensure the silver bangles are flexible and long lasting.

Types Of Mens Bangles

Mens bangles come in a variety of different designs, however there are generally two main types of mens silver bangle:

  1. Cuff silver bangles; these types of silver bangles have an open cuff design and are the most popular style of silver bangle.
  1. Cylinder silver bangles; these types of silver bangles are designed to be a full circle around the wrist, generally with a clasp to lock and unlock them.

Silver bangles can also come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some of the different designs of silver bangles include the following:

  • Torque silver bangles; these are a style of silver bangle which generally have two sphere type balls on either end of the silver cuff. An example of a torque silver bangle can be seen below: –
  • Slim silver bangles/lightweight silver bangles; slim silver bangles designs are a popular choice for those who prefer to wear lightweight silver bangles. These style silver bangles have the advantage of being barely noticeable by the wearer. An example of a slim silver bangle is below: –
  • Wide silver bangles; These style silver bangles are often preferred due to their flat design which sits nice and comfortably against the wrist. An example of a wide silver bangle can be seen below: –
  • Plain silver bangles; plain silver bangles have always been a popular silver bangle choice because of their simple understated style. Alfred & Co. have a range of plain style silver bangles to choose from. An example of one of our plain silver bangles is below:  –
  • Extravagant silver bangles; if you’re looking for a fancy silver bangle or silver bangles with a little extra glamour, then Alfred & Co. have a selection to choose from. The below silver bangle is one of our oxidized style silver bangles which are hugely popular due to their elegant design: –

The above illustrates a small selection of our sterling silver bangles. Alfred & Co. Jewellery stock hundreds of sterling silver bangle designs. Browse all of our silver bangles today.

Who Wears Mens Bangles? 

Mens bangles are a hugely popular fashion accessory worn by both men and even women alike. Mens silver bangles are worn for a variety of reasons, but the two most popular reasons for wearing silver bangles are simply down to fashion and religion/cultural reasons.

Mens bangles are a large part of tradition in a lot of south asian countries such as India, Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In most of these countries it is very common for the bride to be wearing a silver bangle at her wedding. Silver bangles also play an important role in both Hinduism and Sikhism as well as other religions.

Silver bangles are an extremely popular fashion accessory worn by both sexes. The reason silver bangles have always been so popular is down to their ability to add style, class and sophistication to any attire. Whether you’re going out on a night out with friends, heading for a meal with a loved one, or simply looking to spice up your day to day dress, then a silver bangle is always guaranteed to add extra style to your look.

Many famous people have also been spotted wearing sterling silver bangles; from movies stars such as Leonardo Di Caprio & Tom Hardy to sports stars such as Lewis Hamilton and fashion icon David Beckham. Why not view our men’s sterling silver bangles and ladies sterling silver bangles now and find your preferred style bangle.

Why Buy Silver Bangles From Alfred & Co. Jewellery?

The sterling silver bangles offered by Alfred & Co. are made of the highest quality 925 sterling silver. We are passionate about ensuring our customers receive the best silver bangles possible, which is why we only stock highly fashionable, premium quality silver bangles. All of our sterling silver bangles come with a luxury bangle jewellery box as well as a stunning black Alfred & Co. velvet pouch. Whenever an order for our silver bangles is placed, we will ship them out straight away using recorded 1st class delivery – you can therefore rest assured you will receive your silver bangle quickly and securely.

Where Is The Best Place In The UK To Buy Mens Bangles?

If you’re looking for silver bangles in the UK then Alfred & Co. Jewellery is a very good place to start your silver bangle search. Alfred & Co. Jewellery are the UKs largest supplier of sterling silver bangles & sterling silver bracelets. We are absolutely passionate about supplying only the highest quality silver bangles to our valued customers, and in the unlikely even you’re unhappy or simply change your mind, all you have to do is return the item in its original condition within 30 days for a part exchange or full refund.

Alfred & Co. Jewellery also ship all of our silver bangles worldwide, from the USA to Europe and Australia – we have many happy customers across the world.

Browse our silver banglesmens silver bangles and ladies silver bangles today to find your perfect silver bangle.

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Alfred & Co. Jewellery are the UK’s largest online jewellery store and we have the largest stock of sterling silver necklace’s and sterling silver chains. We supply a wide range of different style sterling silver necklace’s and sterling silver chains, each of which come in a variety of lengths. Whether you are looking for a simple silver necklace or a chunky silver necklace, here we have pulled together a short guide on silver necklace’s to help give you some ideas and provide you with some information before deciding on your next necklace chain purchase.

A Sterling Silver Necklace Love Affair

Our passion & love for sterling silver necklace’s and sterling silver chains began many years ago when Alfred & Co. Jewellery was first born. There are many reasons behind our fascination with sterling silver necklace’s – too many to cover on here. Put quite simply, a beautiful sterling silver necklace has the ability to transform someone’s appearance into something completely unique, elegant and stylish. It is no wonder that many a famous person and style icon has been seen donning a sterling silver necklace throughout time – from Hollywood, to the Paris catwalks, right through to the sports arena’s & popstars, sterling silver necklace’s are a thoroughly popular fashion accessory.

Sterling Silver Necklace – A Great Gift Idea

One of the great things about a sterling silver necklace or sterling silver chain is that they make absolutely wonderful gift ideas. Whether it be a Christmas gift idea, or birthday gift idea, a sterling silver chain is guaranteed not to disappoint. Sterling silver necklace’s also offer exceptional sentimental value; so if you’re looking to buy a gift for that special someone in your life that truly means something, look no further than a stunning sterling silver necklace; every time they look at the sterling silver necklace you bought for them, they will be reminded of you – perfect! If you’re looking for a sterling silver necklace view our men’s silver necklace range or ladies silver necklace range today.

Best of all, we will give you an extra 5% discount on all your jewellery purchases made through us if you give us a like or share on Facebook – simply select one of the toggles below and the discount will be applied automatically at checkout! Remember, sharing is caring 🙂


Style’s of Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling silver necklace’s and sterling silver chains can come in many different shapes and sizes. Lengths of silver chains are usually measured in inches, and depending on how you would like the silver necklace to hang, we would recommend the following as a necklace guideline: –

The below image illustrates the appearance of different length necklaces worn by both ladies (left) and gentlemen (right).

Necklace Size Guide

Necklace Size Guide by Alfred & Co. Jewellery

  • Ladies Silver Necklace Length

The standard necklace sizes for women are as follows: –

16″ Necklace – Choker length; this has the necklace sitting very closely around the neck.
18″ Necklace – Collarbone length; still quite a short length which helps keep the necklace visible to others.
20″ Necklace – A few inches below collarbone; here the length is a little longer which allows the necklace to sit a little lower.

22″ Necklace – a 22 inch necklace will hang even lower, but still above the breastbone. Choose this length if you’re going for a relaxed/discreet look.

  • Mens Silver Necklace Length

The standard necklace length sizes for men are as follows: –

18″ Necklace – this size men’s necklace usually results in the chain sitting just beneath the collar, showing quite prominently on display.

20″ Necklace – a popular length for men, this allows the necklace to sit beneath the collar and still be visible depending on the type of top being worn.

22Necklace – this length allows the necklace to sit a little lower down beneath the collar and is suitable for those going for a more relaxed look or for people who are slightly taller.

24″ Necklace – this is one of the longer length of necklace’s which allows it to sit fairly relaxed and loose – usually finishing close to the heart – perfect if you’re attaching a pendant onto it.

30″ Necklace – this is the longest necklace which we stock. If you’re looking for a very casual, laid back and relaxed look, a 30 inch silver necklace would be the perfect choice.

As you can see, there are a variety of different length necklace’s to choose from, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Using the necklace length guide above should hopefully help make your choice that little bit easier.

Sterling silver necklaces and chains come in a range of different styles to suit different tastes. Here we are going to talk about some of the key sterling silver necklace styles and hopefully help make selecting your next silver necklace a little bit easier. Key silver necklace styles include:-

Silver Curb Necklace

A curb style silver necklace is probably the most popular style sterling silver necklace due its design simplicity. A curb style sterling silver necklace has a classic design with flat interlocking curb links. A curb style sterling silver necklace is a very popular choice for both men & women alike due to the understated & casual look it delivers. The thinner curb chains work very well with silver pendants. An example of a curb style silver chain can be seen below: –

Silver Chain 6.7mm

Curb Style Silver Necklace

Figaro Silver Necklace

Again a Figaro style silver necklace has flattened links similar to the curb style, however where this style differs is in how the connection and size of the links vary – the Figaro style silver chain usually has two or three shorter connecting curb links alternating with longer connecting links. If you’re looking for a silver necklace which offers something a little different, the Figaro style sterling silver necklace is an excellent choice.

Sterling Silver Necklace Figaro 13mm

Figaro Style Silver Necklace

Mariner or Anchor Silver Necklace

The Mariner silver chain style is very similar to the Figaro silver necklace style, with the main difference being that the mariner chain alternates a single, small, round link with a larger oval link. These links closely resemble the typical chains attached to anchors for boats hence the alternate style name of “anchor necklace”.

Silver Necklace Mariner Style

Chunky Necklaces

Are you looking for a chunky necklace or thick silver necklace? If you’re looking for a heavy chunky silver necklace, here at Alfred & Co. Jewellery we have a range of different chunky necklace’s to choose from. Heavy chunky necklace’s are all the rage, and an extremely popular fashion accessory. If you’re searching for a chunky necklace, you need to ensure you are choose the right width of silver necklace. The width of our necklace’s range from a slim 2mm silver necklace right up to a thick 13mm+ silver necklace. Browse our chunky necklace’s today.

Thick Silver Necklace

Chunky Silver Necklace by Alfred & Co. Jewellery

Dog Tag Necklace

Dog necklace’s have always been a must have fashion accessory fuelled on by the “Top Gun” movie in which Tom Cruise’s “Maverick” famously donned a silver dog tag chain. There is something exceedingly special about a dog tag necklace which ensures they consistently remain at the forefront of fashionable neckwear.

If you’re looking for a silver dog tag necklace or silver dog tag chain, Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a range of different lengths to choose from – from 20 inches in length if you prefer the tag to hang higher, through to 30 inches in length if you would like the tag to hang lower down closer to the bottom of your chest.

Silver Dog Tag Necklace

Silver Dog Tag Necklace by Alfred & Co. Jewellery

Silver Necklaces UK

Are you searching for silver necklaces in the UK? If you’re looking for the best place to buy a sterling silver necklace in the UK then you have come to the right place. Alfred & Co. Jewellery are the UK’s largest online jewellery store and retailer of silver necklace’s and silver chains and have a wide choice of necklace’s to suit different preferences and tastes. Best of all, we also ship all of our sterling silver necklaces and silver chains worldwide too – we have customers in all four corners of the world, from Australia, to Asia right through to the USA and Canada. All Alfred & Co. Jewellery silver necklace’s and silver chains come with a luxury Alfred & Co. Jewellery box. Browse our ladies silver necklace’s and men’s silver chains today.