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Mens Valentines Gift Ideas

Mens Valentines Gift Ideas

Are you looking for mens Valentines gift ideas? It’s getting to that time of year once again where people are frantically asking the same old question – “what gift shall I get my man for Valentines day?”. Well here at Alfred & Co. we put our heads together to compile a list of our top 10 mens Valentines gift ideas. So here we go, our Valentines gift ideas for men: –

  1. Cufflinks. Yes Cufflinks make an excellent mens valentines gift idea quite simply because they manage to combine sentiment with style, without coming across as “too soppy”. The majority of men out there prefer understated affection rather than over the top, lovey dovey affection. It is for this reason, that a simple pair of cufflinks make such a great Valentines gift idea for men. As it’s Valentines Day however, we would probably recommend going the extra mile and buying your man a pair of Premium Cufflinks.
  2. A meal in or out. As the old adage goes, the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. So with this in mind why not book a table for two at your man’s favourite restaurant, or better still, take the time to actually prepare him a beautiful meal (and pudding of course!). Cooking him a meal at home has a number of advantages in that it is generally cheaper, you can go at your own pace (eating!), and because you’re in the comfort of your own home, when you have finished your dessert, you can have your second dessert whenever you feel ready ;)! If you decide to cook him something, checkout Nigella Lawson’s website for some inspirational dishes.
  3. A trip to the movies, or hire a film and stay in. This one is probably better for those couples who have been together a little longer – as let’s face it, going to the cinema isn’t going to allow too much conversation. For this reason, we would suggest watching a film instead. Picture (no pun intended) it, sat snuggled up on the sofa together, a glass of wine on the size, and a bowl of popcorn to share. Ahhh Bliss!!!!
  4. A new item of clothing that he has been thinking of buying that he has put off because he is trying to “save his pennies” or he has been too busy doing other things like watching the football or going to the pub (well….it wouldn’t be the DIY would it!)!
  5. If you can afford to splash the cash, then a track driving day would be an excellent choice. Most men would absolutely love to hit the track in their favourite supercar for the day. With prices ranging from around £45.00 to £900.00+ there are a variety of different track day choices. A good starting point would be to look at the Silverstone website, the home of the annual UK Formula 1 race.
  6. A weekend trip away would please most men out there. Why not take him somewhere like the Lake District, or find a romantic log cabin somewhere for you both – ideally with your own personal jacuzzi to use if you catch our drift!
  7. A piece of jewellery other than cufflinks can also make a truly delightful mens valentines gift idea. Mens silver bangles and mens silver bracelets are highly fashionable mens fashion accessories right now. Check out our selection of mens silver bangles and mens silver bracelets today and see if you can find something he might like!
  8. Take him to the football – yes we said it. Even though you may absolutely loathe the beautiful game, taking your other half to see his favourite team is an excellent way to show that you want to make and see him happy. He will thank you for it later!
  9. SPA day! Yes men like these just as much as women do….even though they may not admit it! A joint SPA day together is a perfect way to allow you both to relax together and further cement your bond. You will both escape the everyday stresses of life, leaving things like work, bills and even the kids behind.
  10. Cufflinks – just to emphasise our preference, we have to put this one down again. Another advantage of cufflinks, is that everytime he wears them, he will always be reminded of who purchased them for him – cufflinks offer exceptional sentimental value. Why not have a look through our full range of cufflinks today and see if you can find something for him.

So there you have it, our top 1o mens valentines gift ideas. If you’re looking for valentines gift ideas for me, then it really is easier than you think. Don’t over do it, think simplicity and most importantly, enjoy your day together and remind yourself why you love him like you do. We hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day in 2015.

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