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5 Reasons why men look so damn sexy in a Figaro necklace!

For thousands of years, men have worn necklaces to look powerful, masculine and sophisticated. But there is a specific type of necklace that’s caught everyone’s eye these days. And it looks so damn hot! The Figaro style is popular among men who want to add a bit of style to their wardrobes. Alfred & Co London have discovered the 5 reasons why men look so damn sexy wearing them. Keep reading if you want to find out more…

Let’s talk more about Figaro necklaces

The Figaro style necklace has been fashionable since its creation centuries ago. Its design is classic and ideal for anyone seeking a polished, accessorised look. The Figaro necklace was created in Italy, and Italian jewellers are well-known for shaping the design. The necklace is named after two famous operas by Gioachino Rossini: “The Barber of Seville” and “The Marriage of Figaro.” The classic style is made with gold; silver and platinum are popular materials for modern versions. It features a chain that alternates between two or three short circular links and one long oval link. These separate links are attached and lie flat, creating a streamlined elegant look.

Gold and silver Figaro necklace for men
No matter which one you chose, both gold and silver Figaro necklaces are fashionable and stylish

5 reasons why men look so damn sexy in a Figaro necklace

Figaro link chains may resemble curb chains and cable chains. If you are undecided about which necklace to choose for yourself, you are in the right place. Both gold or silver Figaro necklaces are the choices of many – and Alfred & Co London can help you figure out why they are popular and where to get one for yourself.

A unique design that looks great on men

Figaro chains, with their distinctive elongated links, are very popular. Not only do they stand out from regular chains, but they also give an elegant look and style. You can also add a pendant or two. Round, oval, and teardrop shape ones look good with Figaro necklaces.

Durable & long lasting necklace – It can’t get sexier than that!

The Figaro is thick and strong. With soldered links, this chain is built tough and can withstand yanks, pulls, and the test of time. Plus, if you choose a solid gold chain, the metal does not tarnish or rust and requires zero polishing to maintain its shine.

If you’re looking for a jewellery piece for everyday wear, you cannot go wrong with the Figaro. A durable necklace is a sexy necklace! They can be cleaned at home with some mild soap and water solution. You can also take them to a professional jeweller for a more thorough cleaning.

Figaro necklace for men: A timeless piece of jewellery

Figaro necklaces are still popular centuries after their invention. Today, there are many different styles and types of chains, but these classic designs remain popular among men. No matter your age, this piece of jewellery will fit your wardrobe with ease. If you invest in a quality gold Figaro necklace, you will have it for years without the fear it’s going to be out of fashion.

Gold Figaro necklace
The Gold Figaro necklace is a classics piece that all guys must have in their collection

A versatile look is a good look

The Figaro chain is a versatile piece of jewellery. You can wear it on its own, or you can add charms or pendants to it. The most popular pendants today include crosses and medallions. It was popular in the 90s and still is today – a single gold Figaro makes a stylish minimalist statement.

No matter how you choose to wear it, it’s sure to enhance your attire and suit any occasion. Figaro chains are a great accessory. They’re easy to wear, and because the links lie flat against the skin, they’re comfortable to wear and less likely to get tangled.

Gold & Silver Figaro Chains

The Figaro necklace completes the look!

The last (but not the least!) of the many reasons why men look so damn sexy in a Figaro necklace is its ability to complete the look. You can wear a simple white t-shirt and add a Figaro chain necklace to look on point. On the other hand, it even complements men wearing suits. This is a bold piece of jewellery and you should not be afraid to show it off!

Elevate your style game and chose a Figaro necklace for men

Adding a chain necklace to your daily outfits is an essential step, and there are a number of options available. Here at Alfred & Co London, we just love the classic Figaro chain. With lasting durability and versatility, plus an unbeatable design and easy reparability, this chain is a must-have addition to your jewellery collection. Shop our range of mens chains online. We are certain you will find what you need.

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