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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas…

Are you looking for Father’s Day gift ideas? If you’re searching for gift ideas for Father’s Day, then the team here at Alfred & Co. have decided to try and help drum up some inspiration. Sometimes we all get caught up with being too busy with life, and simply end up forgetting to let those closest to us, like our Dads (and Mums for that matter!), know how much we truly care about them. This is why coming up with the right Father’s Day gift idea is so important! Here, we would like to present to you 12 of our best Father’s Day gift ideas: –

1) Cufflink’s – yes okay we admit it, we are biased, but we truly believe that a pair of cufflink’s really do make an excellent gift idea for Father’s Day. Dad’s do tend to love the simple things in life, which is why a pair of simple cufflink’s are such a great Father’s Day gift idea. So if you’re looking for a gift idea for Father’s Day, why not have a browse of our cufflink’s section now.

2) Restaurant – as the old adage goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! So yes, you can pretty much guarantee that your dear old Dad will be pleased with a restaurant meal for his Father’s Day gift.


3) Football – this one is for those Dad’s who are fan’s of the beautiful game of football (obviously!). Whoever your Dad supports, why not buy him a pair of tickets to go and watch the game with him? There are two main advantages with this Father’s Day gift idea; one, quite simply, he will absolutely love it; and two, it provides the perfect opportunity to spend some more valuable time together. To buy your Dad a football ticket simply go to his teams website and there will be an option on there to make your purchase…easy!


4) Go for a Walk – this idea for a Father’s Day gift is probably one of our favourites for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is a free Father’s Day gift – well ignoring considerations such as fuel and perhaps the cost of making a few sandwiches. But probably the main reason why we consider going for a simple family walk as one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas is simply because, similar to the football ticket idea above, it enables you to spend some valuable time with your loved ones. Going for a nice long walk in the countryside or round the local park really does help you to “get away from it all” and enjoy the simple things in life. Sometimes life can be pretty fast paced and a walk out in the open with people who matter to you most can really do wonders to help you unwind!


5) Jewellery – we’ve already mentioned how a pair of cufflink’s would make an excellent Father’s Day gift idea, but if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, then why not take a look at some of our other men’s jewellery ideas. How about a men’s sterling silver bracelet, men’s sterling silver bangle or men’s sterling silver chain? Men’s jewellery has always been a popular gift idea for Father’s Day, and with good reason too – I nice piece of jewellery, whilst helping your father to look fashionable, also has huge sentimental value – whenever he see’s the jewellery, he will think of you!

Fathers Day Gift Ideas
Fathers Day Gift Idea – Mens Bangle
Mens Gift Idea - Sterling Silver Bangle
Mens Gift Idea – Sterling Silver Bangle







6) A trip to the seaside – nothing can quite beat a trip to the seaside to take in all the wonderful fresh sea air. The sound of seaguls overhead, fish & chips, a stick of rock and making sandcastles makes for a really fun family day out. It’s memories such as these you will treasure forever, so why not surprise your Dad by taking him to the coast for a day trip. Again, this has to be one of our favourite Father’s Day gift ideas. Our preference is Whitby, but there a loads of seaside towns to choose from.


7) Head to the pub – if your Dad is one of those Dad’s who has a particular fondness for a nice cool alcoholic beverage, then we’re confident he will really appreciate a visit to his local, or better still go and discover a new ale house! This Father’s Day gift idea would provide the perfect opportunity for you to have a relaxing chat over a pint (or whatever your particular tipple is) and have a good old catch up. Bliss.


8) Cook him a meal – as already mentioned in our 2nd gift idea above, the best way to a man’s heart is quite simply through his stomach. But if you add this to the fact that you have actually gone to the effort of making him his food from scratch, your Dad will be even more appreciative. whois . A couple of glasses of wine, chatter round a candlelit table, a sumptuous meal and a lush desert – what can be better than this!


9) A new shirt – or any item of clothing for that matter, depending on what his tastes & needs are. Dad’s like the both practicality and simplicity, so although a new shirt or a pair of new shoes may not sound like the most exciting Father’s Day gift idea, it is something you can be confident he will appreciate – and use! Our suggestions would be to shop for something which suits his style – don’t be tempted to go for something too different otherwise he will be unlikely to ever wear it!


10) A trip to the movies – a nice afternoon or evening trip to the movies with all the family makes for a great day out and a fantastic Father’s Day gift. It obviously goes without saying that you need to take into account what genre of film he is likely to enjoy and go from there! Simple yet effective.


11) Go to the Theatre – similar to the above but slightly more sophisticated. How about taking your Dad to see Les Miserables, or Wicked or something similar at your local theatre. Or even better, if your funds will stretch, why not take him to the West End for this Father’s Day gift? A couple of drinks afterwards and this is guaranteed to be an evening you will remember – or perhaps not depending on the drink volume!


12) Take him shopping – now we know what you’re thinking; “my Dad hates shopping”, however, this would be a shopping trip with a twist. The purpose of this shopping trip would be to spoil your Father rotten in return for all those occasions he has neglected himself in order to provide for you. So that new shirt he has been planning on buying for the last 6 x months – buy him it for Father’s Day! Or those new trainers he is crying out for – making sure you get him them for Father’s Day! You get the drift!


So there you have it, our 12 x best Father’s Day gift ideas for you to choose from. This list of Father’s Day gift ideas, isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, its purpose is to try and stimulate those creative juices we know you have. system.web.security Ultimately no one Dad is the same, they all have slightly different tastes and preferences. Our personal best Father’s Day gift idea would have to be number 1, a nice pair of cufflink‘s. Whatever you end up choosing for your own Father’s Day gift idea, just make sure you all really appreciate each other’s company, take the time to listen, share, laugh and even cry! Most of all, enjoy yourselves, as you only live once after all.

Kind Regards

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