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10 x Reasons to Wear Magnetic Bracelets

What are the benefits of wearing magnetic bracelets? Here we are going to discuss & breakdown the 10 key reasons why people own magnetic bracelets. So here goes: –

  1. People believe that Magnetic bracelets can help reduce the pain of arthritis; there has been a vast amount of research into the health benefits which magnetic bracelets bring. One of the key benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet include reducing the pain of osteoarthritis – a recent article in the British Medical Journal advised “Pain from osteoarthritis of the hip and knee decreases when wearing magnetic bracelets.” This research is evidence that magnetic bracelets can help reduce the pain from arthritis in many parts of the body.
  2. Magnetic bracelets are very trendy; many stars have been seen wearing magnetic bracelets, including the likes of David Beckham, Tom Cruise and sports stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo. Magnetic bracelets really do look uber cool, and are commonly viewed as a must have accessory. Some of our magnetic bracelets are below.
  3. Magnetic bracelets feel great on; the coolness of a magnetic bracelet against the skin really does feel amazing.
  4. The health benefits associated with magnetic bracelets have been discussed for thousands of years and used by many different cultures such as the Chinese and Egyptians. The Chinese believe magnetic bracelets allow the “qi,” or the body’s natural energy paths, to open and flow freely, which in turn promotes health.
  5. Magnetic bracelets are affordable. Unlike some jewellery, magnetic bracelets are considered to be very affordable which means it’s a great way to buy jewellery without breaking the bank.
  6. Magnetic bracelets are also believed to promote peaceful sleep; this is simply because magnets are believed to influence the production of the hormone melatonin in the body which helps us know when to sleep and when to wake up.
  7. Magnetic bracelets are believed to help the body to produce endorphins – these are the bodies natural “feel good” chemical. As a consequence, this means magnetic bracelets also help to reduce anxiety & stress and ultimately make you more happy.
  8. Magnetic bracelets are believed to help to improve blood flow which in turn helps to reduce inflammation, lactic acid, calcium deposits as well as other dangerous toxins in the body.
  9. Magnetic bracelets are believed to help to heal damaged nervous tissue and bones due to the magnets’ ability to accelerate the migration of calcium ions.
  10. Magnetic bracelets & magnetic bangles come in a wide range of different styles; most people who wear magnetic bracelets usually have a few different designs in their jewellery drawer. This means you can mix and match your magnetic bracelets with your daily attire – let’s face it, nobody likes to look the same everyday do they?

So there we have it, our 10 reasons why you should own a magnetic bracelet or magnetic bangle. Alfred & Co. London have a wide selection of different magnetic bracelets to choose from. Why not browse our magnetic bracelets today.

Please note, this article is not in any way intending to provide medical advice; please always seek medical advice from qualified medical professionals (ie doctors etc).


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