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Poor amazon jewellery review

Thinking of buying your jewellery from amazon? READ THIS FIRST!

Are you thinking of buying your next jewellery piece from Amazon? Amazon can be a useful place to shop online for things you may need cheaply and/or quickly. But is amazon a good place to buy jewellery – should you buy your jewellery from Amazon and what are the risks of doing so?

bad amazon jewellery review

Is Amazon a good place to buy jewellery?

We will be the first to admit, that Amazon can be an excellent place to go to for items you may need – be it paper, ink or your next book – Amazon is convenient, quick and sometimes cheap. But there is also very good reason why you should avoid buying certain items from Amazon. Here we list 5 key reasons you should think carefully before buying any jewellery pieces from Amazon:  –

  1. QUALITY: because Amazon opens up its marketplace to many third party sellers, this brings about added risks. Certainly when it comes to jewellery, there have been lots of instances where customers have reportedly received exceptionally poor quality jewellery pieces when they have purchased from amazon. 
  2. Rejected - amazon jewelleryLACK OF UNIQUENESS: by its very nature, Amazon is a beast which operates at scale and to the masses. This very focus on mass market sales means that any jewellery pieces you purchase from there has very likely been bought by thousands of others before you – think about it, next time you head out on a night out with your friends, do you really want every Tom Dick and Harry wearing the same necklace or bracelet as you? If you want to be hip and unique and at the same time keep some fashion credibility, looking elsewhere at independent jewellers such as Alfred & Co. London is the much more advisable route to consider when making your next jewellery purchase.


3. SUPPORTING SMALLER BUSINESSES: let’s face it, everybody knows that Amazon is a humongous behemoth of an online shopping market – already worth billions of $ do you really want to be giving Jeff Bezos even more of your hard earned cash? Or would you prefer to support smaller businesses who in turn spend that money locally and support other local businesses? Not to mention all of the numerous news reports of amazon avoiding their tax liabilities. For the vast majority of us, we are no longer content with spending our hard earned cash with huge corporations such as Amazon who take money away from local communities.

Support Small Business

4. CORE VALUES: Alfred & Co. London has its designs and style at its very foundation. Everything we do embodies style and we ensure that each individual piece we create goes through optimal testing and looks unbelievable on our customers when worn. Do Amazon really have these core values at its core: style, coolness, sharpness, finesse – we think not! Be a part of the style revolution at Alfred & Co. London and join our crew. Be one of us and up your style game.

5. QUALITYyeah yeah, we know, this point has already been mentioned! But that’s the point – we’re saying it again to drum home how important this is – buying from Alfred & Co. London you are assured high quality jewellery pieces which will enhance your style and last a lifetime! 

Is Amazon jewellery real?

Lots of customers worry if the jewellery they are buying from Amazon is indeed real or fake! There have been numerous reports of customers buying jewellery from Amazon, with the false belief that what they are buying is high quality genuine jewellery only to be let down by a piece of substandard fake rubbish. However, on the flip side, there are lots of customers who are happy with the piece of jewellery they purchase from Amazon. All you have to do is read the reviews of each jewellery piece to see the mixed bag of reviews for yourself. Check out some of the reviews below we pulled directly from amazon: – 

Poor amazon jewellery review

bad amazon jewellery review

Should I buy jewellery on amazon?

So considering all of the above points, it’s ultimately down to the customer to decide if amazon is a good place to buy jewellery or not. It’s for the reasons outlined above why many customers much prefer to purchase their jewellery pieces from high quality independent jewellery brands such as Alfred & Co. London instead of a giant such as Amazon. With Alfred & Co. London you can be assured of high quality real pieces of jewellery which will always make you look and feel the best version of you.  

Make the right decision


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