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Silver Necklace Guide

Alfred & Co. Jewellery are the UK’s largest online jewellery store and we have the largest stock of sterling silver necklace’s and sterling silver chains. We supply a wide range of different style sterling silver necklace’s and sterling silver chains, each of which come in a variety of lengths. Whether you are looking for a simple silver necklace or a chunky silver necklace, here we have pulled together a short guide on silver necklace’s to help give you some ideas and provide you with some information before deciding on your next necklace chain purchase.

A Sterling Silver Necklace Love Affair

Our passion & love for sterling silver necklace’s and sterling silver chains began many years ago when Alfred & Co. Jewellery was first born. There are many reasons behind our fascination with sterling silver necklace’s – too many to cover on here. Put quite simply, a beautiful sterling silver necklace has the ability to transform someone’s appearance into something completely unique, elegant and stylish. It is no wonder that many a famous person and style icon has been seen donning a sterling silver necklace throughout time – from Hollywood, to the Paris catwalks, right through to the sports arena’s & popstars, sterling silver necklace’s are a thoroughly popular fashion accessory.

Sterling Silver Necklace – A Great Gift Idea

One of the great things about a sterling silver necklace or sterling silver chain is that they make absolutely wonderful gift ideas. Whether it be a Christmas gift idea, or birthday gift idea, a sterling silver chain is guaranteed not to disappoint. Sterling silver necklace’s also offer exceptional sentimental value; so if you’re looking to buy a gift for that special someone in your life that truly means something, look no further than a stunning sterling silver necklace; every time they look at the sterling silver necklace you bought for them, they will be reminded of you – perfect! If you’re looking for a sterling silver necklace view our¬†men’s silver necklace range or ladies silver necklace range today.

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Style’s of Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling silver necklace’s and sterling silver chains can come in many different shapes and sizes. Lengths of silver chains are usually measured in inches, and depending on how you would like the silver necklace to hang, we would recommend the following as a necklace guideline: –

The below image illustrates the appearance of different length necklaces worn by both ladies (left) and gentlemen (right).

Necklace Size Guide
Necklace Size Guide by Alfred & Co. Jewellery
  • Ladies Silver Necklace Length

The standard necklace sizes for women are as follows: –

16″ Necklace¬†– Choker length; this has the necklace sitting very closely around the neck.
18″ Necklace¬†– Collarbone length; still quite a short length which helps keep the necklace visible to others.
20″ Necklace¬†– A few inches below collarbone; here the length is a little longer which allows the necklace to sit a little lower.

22″ Necklace¬†– a 22 inch necklace will hang even lower, but still above the breastbone. Choose this length if you’re going for a relaxed/discreet look.

  • Mens Silver Necklace Length

The standard necklace length sizes for men are as follows: –

18″¬†Necklace – this size men’s necklace usually results in the chain sitting just beneath the collar, showing quite prominently on display.

20″ Necklace – a popular length for men, this allows the necklace to sit beneath the collar and still be visible depending on the type of top being worn.

22Necklace – this length allows the necklace to sit a little lower down beneath the collar and is suitable for those going for a more relaxed look or for people who are slightly taller.

24″ Necklace – this is one of the longer length of necklace’s which allows it to sit fairly relaxed and loose – usually finishing close to the heart – perfect if you’re attaching a pendant onto it.

30″ Necklace¬†– this is the longest necklace which we stock. If you’re looking for a very casual, laid back and relaxed look, a 30 inch silver necklace would be the perfect choice.

As you can see, there are a variety of different length necklace’s to choose from, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Using the necklace length guide above should hopefully help make your choice that little bit easier.

Sterling silver necklaces and chains come in a range of different styles to suit different tastes. Here we are going to talk about some of the key sterling silver necklace styles and hopefully help make selecting your next silver necklace a little bit easier. Key silver necklace styles include:-

Silver Curb Necklace

A curb style silver necklace is probably the most popular style sterling silver necklace due its design simplicity. A curb style sterling silver necklace has a classic design with flat interlocking curb links. A curb style sterling silver necklace is a very popular choice for both men & women alike due to the¬†understated & casual look it delivers. The thinner curb chains work very well with silver pendants. An example of a curb style silver chain can be seen below: –

Silver Chain 6.7mm
Curb Style Silver Necklace

Figaro Silver Necklace

Again a Figaro style silver necklace has flattened links similar to the curb style, however where this style differs is in how the connection and size of the links vary – the Figaro style silver chain usually has two or three shorter connecting curb links alternating with longer connecting links. If you’re looking for a silver necklace which offers something a little different, the Figaro style sterling silver necklace is an excellent choice.

Sterling Silver Necklace Figaro 13mm
Figaro Style Silver Necklace

Mariner or Anchor Silver Necklace

The Mariner silver chain style is very similar to the Figaro silver necklace style, with the main difference being that the mariner chain alternates a single, small, round link with a larger oval link. These links closely resemble the typical chains attached to anchors for boats hence the alternate style name of “anchor necklace”.

Silver Necklace Mariner Style

Chunky Necklaces

Are you looking for a chunky necklace¬†or thick silver necklace? If you’re looking for a heavy chunky silver necklace, here at Alfred & Co. Jewellery we have a range of different chunky necklace’s¬†to choose from. Heavy chunky necklace’s are all the rage, and an extremely popular fashion accessory. If you’re searching for a chunky necklace, you need to ensure you are choose the right width of silver necklace. The width of our necklace’s range from a slim 2mm silver necklace right up to a thick 13mm+ silver necklace. Browse our chunky necklace’s today.

Thick Silver Necklace
Chunky Silver Necklace by Alfred & Co. Jewellery

Dog Tag Necklace

Dog necklace’s have always been a must have fashion accessory fuelled on by the “Top Gun” movie in which Tom Cruise’s “Maverick” famously donned a silver dog tag chain. There is something exceedingly special about a dog tag necklace which ensures they consistently remain at the forefront of fashionable neckwear.

If you’re looking for a silver dog tag necklace or silver dog tag chain, Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a range of different lengths to choose from – from 20 inches in length if you prefer the tag to hang higher, through to 30 inches in length if you would like the tag to hang lower down closer to the bottom of your chest.

Silver Dog Tag Necklace
Silver Dog Tag Necklace by Alfred & Co. Jewellery

Silver Necklaces UK

Are you searching for silver necklaces in the UK? If you’re looking for the best place to buy a sterling silver necklace in the UK then you have come to the right place. Alfred & Co. Jewellery are the UK’s largest online jewellery store and retailer of silver necklace’s and silver chains and have a wide choice of necklace’s to suit different preferences and tastes. Best of all, we also ship all of our sterling silver necklaces and silver chains worldwide too – we have customers in all four corners of the world, from Australia, to Asia right through to the USA and Canada. All Alfred & Co. Jewellery silver necklace’s and silver chains come with a luxury Alfred & Co. Jewellery box. Browse our ladies silver necklace’s and men’s silver chains today.


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Introducing our latest sterling silver bangle…

Our latest sterling silver bangle design is here and now available in stock. This stunning unisex sterling silver bangle has a unique triple parallel black stripe style which adds a cool blend of balance & coolness.

Sterling Silver Bangle - Black Stripe Style
Sterling Silver Bangle – Black Stripe Style
Sterling Silver Bangle
Sterling Silver Bangle

Made from premium 925 sterling silver, and weighing approximately 25 grams, this bangle looks absolutely fabulous when worn. If you’re looking for a stylish silver bangle, this beautiful sterling silver bangle is an excellent choice.

This sterling silver bangle comes with a luxury Alfred & Co. Jewellery box and we offer a free shipping option on all of our silver bangles. Priced at an incredibly low £89.99 (£189.99 RRP) this sterling silver bangle is both stylish & affordable at the same time.

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Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

There is a lot of information out there on the benefits of magnetic bracelets. But do magnetic bracelets work? Do magnetic bracelets help to relieve the pain of arthritis and other common ailments? Here we discuss how magnetic bracelets work in further detail below.

Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets

Okay, so to start with, let’s review what the supposed benefits of wearing magnetic bracelet’s are. There are said to be lots of benefits of wearing magnetic bracelet’s including the following: –

  • Improved Blood Circulation; it has been said that the magnetic forces within bracelet’s can have a positive effect on overall blood circulation. Which in turn can help to: –
  • Reduce Inflammation; A consequence of the improved blood circulation is a reduction in inflammation. This in turn can aid in pain reduction and an overall feeling of improved health in general.
  • Promotes Relaxation; Magnetic forces are said to help in the promotion of relaxation. This is said to be as a result the production of the hormone melatonin in the body which helps us know when to relax. A consequence of this is: –
  • Better & Deeper Sleep; the promotion of relaxation has a knock on effect on the promotion of a deeper sleep. Again this boils down to the fact that you have more of the melatonin hormone being produced. A result of improved sleep leads to an overall better feeling and in turn;
  • Positive Mental Attitude; think back to the last time you had a nice long deep sleep – remember how great you felt when you woke up in the morning? More energy, refreshed and ready to fight the day!
  • Fashionable & Stylish; lots of celebrities have been seen wearing a magnetic bracelet – the likes of David Beckham, Will Smith & Christian Bale have all been seen donning a nice magnetic bracelet.
  • Pain Relief; when you combine each of the above factors, these all lead to the end game of a relief in pain. By having better circulation, reduced inflammation, and being able to relax and sleep better, you can ultimately begin to feel more refreshed, happier and health in general.

Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

But after taking into account the above benefits, the question remains, do they really work? Unfortunately the answer to this question isn’t straightforward. The fact is, there are lots of people out there who do find that by wearing magnetic bracelet’s they see lots of health benefits. There are numerous reports of people who have started wearing magnetic bracelet’s feeling much healthier as a result. This healthier feeling may come in many forms and guises, such as reduced arthritic pain, having more energy, and feeling overall more positive and revitalised.

Magnetic Copper Bracelet by Alfred & Co. Jewellery

Ultimately, the jury seems to be still out on whether or not magnetic bracelet’s really work or not. There needs to be further scientific studies conducted to understand the true benefits of wearing magnetic bracelet’s. However, as people continue to report the health benefits they feel from wearing magnetic bracelet’s, these will continue to be an important piece of costume jewellery worn.

Alfred & Co. Jewellery stock a range of fashionable and stylish magnetic bracelets¬†each at a reasonable price. All of our magnetic bracelet’s come with a luxury Alfred & Co. Jewellery box. So if you have decided to take the plunge, and buy a magnetic bracelet, why not browse our stock today and find a style to suit you.

Magnetic Bracelet - Cable Style
Magnetic Bracelet – Cable Style
Magnetic Bangle
Magnetic Bangle – Bio Style
Silver Magnetic Bracelet by Alfred & Co. Jewellery
Silver Magnetic Bracelet by Alfred & Co. Jewellery
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Mens Necklaces

Mens necklaces have always been an important fashion accessory of choice worn by men. Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a wide range of mens necklaces to choose from. We specialise in supplying mens necklaces which are made of high quality premium sterling silver.

Mens necklaces are an excellent mens gift idea; when looking for a new mens necklace, there are a number of different factors which need to be considered. These can include some of the following: –

  1. Style – the style of mens necklace is of crucial importance. For example, would you prefer a curb link design or figaro link design? Alfred & Co. Jewellery offer a range of different styles of mens necklaces to choose from.
  2. Width – how wide would you like the mens necklace to be? The width of a mens necklace impacts the overall weight of the necklace. So therefore, if you are simply looking for a lightweight mens necklace, you would be much better going for one of our smaller width mens necklaces similar to the mens necklace below.
    Mens necklaces
    Thin Mens Necklace

    The above image shows our 2.12mm width curb style mens necklace. This mens necklace is made from premium Italian 925 sterling silver. Our 2.12mm width mens necklace would be an excellent choice for someone who is seeking a discreet, lightweight and classically designed mens necklace.

  3. Length – the length of the men’s necklace is again of high importance. Depending on the type of look you are going for, will depend on the length of mens necklace you should buy. You can use the necklace size chart below to get an idea of how the length would look on an average sized person.

    Necklace Size Chart – Alfred & Co. Jewellery
  4. Cost Рobviously the cost of the mens necklace is an important consideration. You need to ensure that you can afford the particular mens necklace you are purchasing. Typically, the heavier the mens necklace, the more expensive it will be Рthis is simply because more raw material e.g. sterling silver, is required to make heavier necklaces than lighter necklaces.
  5. Material – the material which a mens necklace is made from is also a factor you will want to consider. Alfred & Co. Jewellery specialise primarily in mens silver chains. Our mens necklaces are made from Italian 925 sterling silver ensuring the highest quality mens necklace possible.
Mens necklaces
Mens Necklace – Silver Curb Style
Mens Necklace – Silver Figaro Style
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Sterling Silver Necklaces & Sterling Silver Chains

Alfred & Co. Jewellery are excited to introduce our newest sterling silver necklace’s to our range. We have a selection of different sterling silver necklaces with varying widths, all of which are made from Italian sterling silver. Our newest sterling silver necklace’s have been designed with silver curb links, which make these an extremely popular fashion accessory due to their sheer simplicity and style.

Our sterling silver necklace’s range in width from our thinnest sterling silver necklace at 2.12mm right through to our thickest sterling silver necklace at 13.7mm in width. If you’re looking for a thin sterling silver necklace, we would recommend you start your search by looking at our 2.12mm silver necklace below: –

Thin Sterling Silver Necklace
Thin Sterling Silver Necklace


Our 2.12mm sterling silver necklace comes in a range of sizes, 20, 22, 24 and 30 inches. Prices start at only £29.99 with an RRP of £69.98 for the 20 inch silver necklace. Please note, that we only ever hold limited stock of all of our jewellery and we are unable to reserve stock for customers.






If you’re searching for a thick sterling silver necklace, you could start by looking at our thicket sterling silver necklace at 13.7mm. This stunning sterling silver necklace is very heavy, and perfect for those looking for a chunky silver necklace.

Thick Sterling Silver Necklace
Thick Sterling Silver Necklace



The price of our 13.7mm sterling silver necklace starts at £349.99 for the 20 inch length; this has a RRP of £874.98 which means you make a huge 60% saving. This thick sterling silver necklace is available in lengths of 20, 22, 24 and 30 inches.





The prices of our sterling silver necklace’s are dependant on the overall weight each silver necklace; the heavier they are, the more sterling silver that is required to produce them. Because Alfred & Co. Jewellery only sell our sterling silver necklace’s online, this means we are able to deliver the cheapest possible price to our valued customers.

So whether you’re looking for a men’s silver necklace, or ladies silver necklace, Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a wide selection of necklace’s to choose from.

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Dragon Bangle’s – Sterling Silver – Out Now!

The time has finally come for us to announce the arrival of our newest sterling silver bangle styles – our sterling silver dragon bangles.

Our dragon style silver bangle’s both look and feel truly astounding. We have two different dragon bangle style’s to choose from: –

  1. Here we have our stunning sterling silver double dragon head bangle design. This unisex sterling silver bangle has a beautiful oxidized finish which adds to the truly authentic eastern asian feel. The weight of this sterling silver dragon bangle is 30 grams. If you’re searching for a solid sterling silver bangle with an asian style, this is the perfect piece. This dragon sterling silver bangle has an RRP of ¬£247.48 but is currently on sale at only ¬£128.99. With this dragon styled sterling silver bangle you will also receive a luxury Alfred & Co. Jewellery box and silk jewellery cloth.


Silver Dragon Bangle
Dragon Bangle – Sterling Silver

2. Our sterling silver dragon bangle in unique oxidized twisted design offers a different look and feel to the above silver dragon bangle. The below dragon sterling silver bangle has a stunning twisted design which adds to its uniqueness. This sterling silver dragon bangle is made of solid 925 sterling silver and has a weight of 30 grams. This dragon sterling silver bangle has an RRP of £247.48 but is currently on sale at only £128.99. With this dragon styled sterling silver bangle you will also receive a luxury Alfred & Co. Jewellery box and silk jewellery cloth.

Dragon Bangle - Sterling Silver Twisted Design
Dragon Bangle – Sterling Silver Twisted Design

If you’re looking for Game of Thrones jewellery or Game of Thrones gift ideas, then one of our dragon sterling silver bangles would make an excellent choice. You may also be seeking eastern asian styled jewellery – again, making one of our dragon sterling silver bangles the perfect choice. Looking for a unique Christmas gift idea? Our sterling silver dragon bangles certainly tick this box.

Alfred & Co. Jewellery pride ourselves on delivering the highest customer service standards and will strive to deliver any item of jewellery purchased from us within 2-3 working days.

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10 x Reasons to Wear Magnetic Bracelets

Are you looking¬†for magnetic bracelets? Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a wide range of magnetic bracelets to choose from. Here we are going to discuss the 10 x reasons to own magnetic bracelets. So here goes: –

  1. Magnetic bracelets help reduce the pain of arthritis; there has been a vast amount of research into the health benefits which magnetic bracelets bring. One of the key benefits of wearing a magnetic bracelet include reducing the pain of¬†osteoarthritis – a recent article in the British Medical Journal advised “Pain from osteoarthritis of the hip and knee decreases when wearing magnetic bracelets.” This research is evidence that magnetic bracelets can help reduce the pain from arthritis in many parts of the body.
  2. Magnetic bracelets are very trendy; many stars have been seen wearing magnetic bracelets, including the likes of David Beckham, Tom Cruise and sports stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo. Magnetic bracelets really do look uber cool, and are commonly viewed as a must have accessory. Some of our magnetic bracelets are below: –
    Silver magnetic bracelet
    Silver Magnetic Bracelet
    rose gold magnetic bracelet
    Rose Gold Magnetic Bracelet
    copper magnetic bracelet
    Copper Magnetic Bracelet


  3. Magnetic bracelets feel great on; the coolness of a magnetic bracelet against the skin really does feel amazing.
  4. The health benefits of magnetic bracelets have been known for thousands of years and used by many different cultures such as the Chinese and Egyptians. The Chinese believe magnetic bracelets¬†allow the “qi,” or the body’s natural energy paths, to open and flow freely, which in turn promotes health.
  5. Magnetic bracelets are affordable. Unlike some jewellery, magnetic bracelets are considered to be very affordable which means it’s a great way to buy jewellery without breaking the bank.
  6. Magnetic bracelets are also believed to promote peaceful sleep; this is simply because magnets can influence the production of the hormone melatonin in the body which helps us know when to sleep and when to wake up.
  7. Magnetic bracelets can help the body to produce endorphins – these are the bodies natural “feel good” chemical. As a consequence, this means magnetic bracelets also help to reduce anxiety & stress and ultimately make you more happy.
  8. Magnetic bracelets can help to improve blood flow which in turn helps to reduce inflammation, lactic acid, calcium deposits as well as other dangerous toxins in the body.
  9. Magnetic bracelets can help to heal damaged nervous tissue and bones due to the magnets’ ability to accelerate the migration of calcium ions.
  10. Magnetic bracelets & magnetic bangles come in a wide range of different styles; most people who wear magnetic bracelets usually have a few different designs in their jewellery drawer. This means you can mix and match your magnetic bracelets with your daily attire – let’s face it, nobody likes to look the same everyday do they?

So there we have it, our 10 reasons why you should own a magnetic bracelet or magnetic bangle. Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a wide selection of different magnetic bracelets to choose from. All of our magnetic bracelets and magnetic bangles come with a luxury Alfred & Co. jewellery box. Why not browse our magnetic bracelets today.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for men but finding it difficult to find something suitable? May be you even find it quite painful or frustrating to find a Christmas gift idea for men? Well hopefully Alfred & Co. may just be able to help you out with your current predicament.

Alfred & Co. have a wide range of Christmas gift ideas for men to choose from. Alfred & Co. are a UK based specialist supplier of men’s jewellery & accessories, and we take great pride in both the wide array of men’s jewellery choice as well as the high quality of our men’s jewellery selection.

Men’s jewellery & men’s accessories make an excellent Christmas gift idea for men due to a number of reasons. First and foremost, a nice piece of men’s jewellery will always give the man in your life something to remember you by; it offers huge sentimental value so that the next time they are away from those they hold dear in their lives and love the most, all they have to do is take a quick glance at the piece of jewellery which they are wearing. Whether it be cufflink’s or a bracelet for example, whenever he glances at it, he will be instantly reminded of the person who bought it for him – YOU!

Sterling Silver Cufflinks - Mens Christmas Gift Idea
Sterling Silver Cufflinks – Mens Christmas Gift Idea

Sterling silver cufflinks make an excellent mens Christmas gift idea. Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a selection of sterling silver cufflinks styles to choose from. A pair of sterling silver cufflinks offer both practicality and sentimental value as a Christmas gift for men.

Another reason why jewellery & accessories make an excellent gift idea for men is quite simply because they are highly fashionable at the moment. Men’s jewellery and men’s accessories have recently exploded on the fashion scene – no longer are men hesitant about wearing a smart piece of stylish jewellery, but instead they are flocking in droves to ensure they have jewellery & accessories which complement their attire. Men have now realised that the right piece of jewellery will help them to stand out from the crowd and ultimately help them to look more fashionable in this fashion concious world.

So, if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for men, why not take a look at our¬†Cufflinks,¬†Tie Clips,¬†Men’s Silver Bangles,¬†Men’s Silver Bracelets,¬†Men’s Fashion Bracelets¬†and¬†Men’s Silver Chains¬†and find a perfect men’s Christmas gift idea.

All the best in your men’s Christmas gift idea search and from the team here at Alfred & Co, have a very merry Christmas.

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Cufflinks UK

Searching for cufflinks UK? If you are looking for cufflinks in the UK you are in the right place. Alfred & Co. are a UK based retailer specialising in cufflinks; whether it be plain and simple classic cufflinks, work cufflinks, novelty cufflinks, premium cufflinks, sports cufflinks or any other type of cufflinks, Alfred & Co. have a very wide selection to choose from. Although we do also ship worldwide, we realise and appreciate the fact that the majority of our valued customers are based right here in the UK where we are! So if you’re looking for the best place to buy cufflinks in the UK, you have come to the right place. Simply use our menu options above to browse our different cufflinks. Happy cufflinks shopping ūüôā