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Cernucci Vs Craftd Vs Alfred & Co. London Vs Jaxxon – Which Is BEST?

Want to find out which is the best men’s jewellery brand today? Is it Cernucci, is it Craftd, or is it Alfred & Co. London? Many differing factors can make a decision difficult. And shopping for men’s jewellery online is no different. Whether it’s a simple bracelet or a statement necklace, it’s important to find a reliable store that offers good quality jewellery. In order to be a smart shopper, Alfred & Co. London created a guide with the most important things to consider when buying men’s jewellery online. We’ve gathered some of the best men’s jewellery brands, their online shops and created a comparison between them as buying online is simply the BEST way to get great prices on men’s jewellery!

Which brand is better: Cernucci vs Craftd

The biggest difference between the 2 brands is definitely the aesthetics. Cernucci is well known for urban jewellery, worn by hip-hop artists and athletes, while Craftd has more sophisticated pieces like compass pendants and crucifixes. Both brands chose men as their targeted audience, but Cernucci also offer women’s jewellery. Cernucci also offers different accessories like hats, while Craftd has an online personal shopper – a pretty cool feature. If you are having a hard time choosing, Alfred & Co London offers both urban style pieces and sophisticated jewellery in one place. And at an affordable price too!

Alfred & Co London Vs Jaxxon: How to choose the best one?

When it comes to comparing Alfred & Co London and Jaxxon, there are a couple of differences that immediately caught our eye. Jaxxon only offers 3 types of necklace chains: cuban, rope and franco, while Alfred & Co. London offers some additional designs like our popular curb style chains, chunky and twisted rope necklaces. Another big difference is the shipping. Alfred & Co. London offers free shipping, while with Jaxxon, shipping is free with orders over £200. Last but not least, Alfred & Co. London really gives you the best value for money.

Alfred & Co. London can help you choose between some of the best men’s jewellery brands

Men’s Jewellery Brand Comparison

Finding the right shop is the first step to getting a great deal on your next online jewellery purchase. It’s important to consider multiple factors and form your decision based on them. Here is a quick comparison between a couple of men’s jewellery brands.

Best Men’s Jewellery Brands

Alfred & Co LondonCernucciCraftd LondonJaxxon
DesignsCurb, Figaro, Cuban chains, bracelets, rings and pendantsTennis, cuban, rope, ice box chains, football pendants, pearl necklacesCuban, rope, figaro, tennis and iced chainsCuban, rope, franco chains, rings, pendants and earrings
QualityPremium 925 silver plated, premium 18k yellow gold plated.
Premium 316L stainless steel steel and high grade copper.
14-18k yellow gold plated, genuine rhodium, 316L stainless steelPremium 316L stainless steel & rhodium, hypoallergenic jewellery14k gold, gold-bonded pieces, 925 sterling silver coated in 14k gold
PoliciesFree shipping, same-day dispatch, fast delivery, 100% secure checkout, all items come with a lifetime warranty. Also, offer a hassle-free 30 day return period.12-month Cernucci guarantee, a refund within 14 days of purchase, standard delivery £2.99 (2-3 working days), delivers to Europe and USALifetime warranty, easy return via the website within 30 days of delivery, safe online shoppingEasy returns and exchanges, refund within 3-10 business days
Best value for money, offering high-quality jewellery
Medium range prices, good value for money
Acceptable price for quality jewellery
Expensive brand, offering quality jewellery
Special dealsPersonalised jewellery, special deals, cash prizes for lucky customers, gift cardsDeals on bundles and sets,
sales throughout the year
Multiple discounts, online personal shopper availableGift cards available, engraving, bonus for referrals
Based on 200k+ reviews, Alfred & Co. London has a 4,9 score
Cernucci received a 4.6 score based on 2,377Craftd has 114 reviews and a 4,8 scoreJaxxon has over 20,000 reviews and a score of 4,7
Aesthetics/StyleStylish, urban, sophisticated, fit for men and womenInspired by London’s fashion scene, hip-hop music and urban cultureCould be worn as streetwear, tailored, minimalist, or activewearModern and unique

Which men’s jewellery brand offers the most value for money

When choosing jewellery for yourself or your loved one, it’s not just about the price. Jewellery brand comparisons of prices and quality is the obvious first step. To put the prices in perspective, let’s compare the prices of silver cuban chains. At Cernucci, the prices vary from £200-300, depending on the thickness of the chain. Jaxxon has slightly lower prices, ranging from £100-300. Meanwhile, Craftd and Alfred & Co. London have similar prices, ranging from £30-270 – When it comes to the most value for money – Alfred & Co. London clearly take the lead here!

Online jewellery shopping: Why should you do it in the first place?

Before we dive in, let’s take a step back and consider a few of the key benefits of online jewellery shopping. To start off, let’s highlight a few reasons why you should be shopping online or at the very least consider it. Given that jewellery tends to have higher price tags, buyers typically want that touch and feel experience before fully committing. That behaviour is completely reasonable. How much is that touch and feel experience truly worth to you? Because it could actually be costing you a 20% or 30% premium on an online equivalent piece. That’s precisely why smart fashionista’s all shop online!

Here are our top 3 reasons why you should shop for jewellery online:

Hussle free

It’s a pain to be approached by someone trying to sell you jewellery in person. Especially when you know exactly what you want (or don’t want). Luckily, online websites have customer representatives who are willing to answer any questions you may have about jewellery. Also, because there is no one judging your choices, you feel more confident buying jewellery online.

The selection is wider

Jewellery retailers need to pay for storage and security to protect their valuable inventory. Moreover, physical stores cannot “store” as many items as they wish.

Lower prices

It is widely accepted that buying jewellery (or most other items for that matter) will almost definitely save you money. The prices will nearly always be lower for jewellery when you make the purchase online.

Overview and final thoughts

When deciding on a men’s jewellery brand, always bear in mind recommendations and online customer reviews. For example, Jaxxon and Alfred & Co. London both have thousands of 5-star reviews. Additionally, always ask for a warranty. Although Jaxxon has a great exchange/return policy, there is no say of a warranty on their website. Beware of any red flags like stock images and little information about products. When visiting the Alfred & Co. London website, you’ll see key product features such as water/sweatproof, 18k gold plated, 2-year warranty, premium lobster clasps and much more.

Jewellery Brand Comparison: More tips and tricks

One of the biggest red flags is outrageously low prices of jewellery. High-quality pieces won’t be cheap, so stay vigilant when scrolling through the deals. It is mandatory for all valuable jewellery to undergo some form of certification before it can enter the market, so check the certificate whenever you make a purchase. Also, never miss out on deals and coupons that pop up when you visit websites of some of the best men’s jewellery brands.

If you’re interested in finding out more about men’s chain’s & necklaces you can check out our ultimate guide to men’s necklaces here.


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