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8 Pendant Necklaces Every Girl Must Own!

8 Pendant Necklaces Every Girl Must Own!

For women looking to make a bold style statement, pendants are a great way to express their unique and distinctive styles and personalities. No matter how simple your outfit may be, pairing it with a striking pendant necklace can instantly bring out the ‘oomph’ factor in your look. From simple designs to flashy accents, pendant necklaces can be found in a variety of styles to help you elevate your look.

Here we have compiled a list of our top pendant necklaces every girl must own in order to make a unique style statement.

Feather Pendant Necklaces

Looking for a chic and classy pendant that won’t overpower your look? Feather pendants are known to be quite versatile, classy and edgy. For some people, however, these are considered to be more than just ordinary pendants. Feathers reflect nature and symbolise ascension due to their association with flying creatures. Consequently, feather pendants are referred to as prominent symbols of liberty and spiritual freedom. Coming in a huge variety of colours and sizes, these gorgeous pendants can add a touch of glamor and elegance to your gloomy outfits. Feather pendants are often adorned with delicate crystals and stones that add to their beauty and exquisiteness. If you are looking to add an edgy look to your outfit, get your hands on a classic feather pendant and immediately elevate your look!

Feather Pendant Necklaces
Feather Pendant Necklaces

Animal Charm Pendant Necklaces

We, as women, are obsessed with animals! Becoming one of the most popular trends in jewellery styles, animal pendants look best when paired with casual or semi-casual outfits. Ranging from dolphins, turtles, owls and elephant pendants, various designers have been launching their own variations to bring unique styles into the market. Some of these pendants are perceived to hold mystical powers, which is why it is believed that women are usually drawn towards their auras. Animal pendants are often embellished with precious gemstones and crystals, which make them look even more stunning. If you are a passionate animal lover, your collection will be incomplete without a few animal charms!

Animal Pendant Necklaces
Animal Pendant Necklaces

Abstract Pendant Necklaces

Looking to add a chic and edgy look to your outfit? An abstract pendant is one of the most intriguing pieces of jewellery that you can wear. Not only are they extremely eye-catching, but they also have a hidden meaning behind them, which makes them even more captivating! If you want to add a modern and elegant touch to your outfit, pair it with an abstract pendant to achieve your desired look.  Inspired by nature and a huge variety of beautiful patterns, these pendants can help you take your look the next level!

Knot Pendant Necklaces

Known to be a universal symbol of eternal love and affection, knot pendants make for the perfect gift for a loved one! These timeless and classic pendants exude gracefulness, which is why they go well with subdued outfits.

Knot Necklaces
Knot Necklaces

Women that do not prefer bold accessories often opt for simpler alternatives such as knot pendants. Recognised as one of the most popular and historic pendants, knot pendants have been found in the ancient ruins of Egypt and Greece, which clearly depicts how popular these pendants were during those ancient times. A knot pendant usually consists of several layers that are intervened into each other to represent a knot – which basically refers to an eternal bond.

Heart Pendant Necklaces

Heart pendant necklaces are known to be one of the most exquisite and timeless accessories that every woman must have in their collection. Considered as a universal and common symbol of love, heart pendants can be given to your loved ones as a token of your undying love and affection for them. These pendants come in a variety of designs and colours, and are usually embellished with crystals and diamonds. This chic but timeless design is a must-have for every woman!

Pair your heart pendant with an A-line dress for the perfect feminine look!

Heart Pendant Necklaces
Heart Pendant Necklaces

“Lucky” Charm Pendant Necklaces

Lucky charm pendants are believed by many to be a source of good luck and fortune, and this is the sole reason why most people always love to have their lucky charm pendant necklaces with them. These pendants have been around for centuries and are available in many different styles and variations. Some women just like them for their aesthetic appeal and simplicity, but a vast majority of women believe that these pendants can help them turn their fate around. Various people also believe that these pendants have a hidden healing power that can help them in becoming a better and ‘improved’ version of themselves. Regardless of what an individual believes, these dainty little pendants can definitely amp up your look and bring you into the spotlight!

Lucky Charm Pendant Necklaces
Lucky Charm Pendant Necklaces

Religious Pendant Necklaces

Religious pendants date back to centuries and were worn by women belonging to different religious backgrounds in the past. Each and every religion has a specific symbol and variations of those symbols are beautifully crafted and then worn as pendants by women. These symbols usually include crosses, crescents, images of Jesus and Mary, David’s Star etc. These pendants are often adorned with crystals and gemstones to make them look a lot more fancy.

Statement Pendant Necklaces

Statements pendants are perfect for women that are not afraid to make a bold style statement. These unique and distinctive pieces can amp up any outfit, bringing you into the spotlight. Available in a huge variety of bright and catchy colours, these pendant necklaces can help you turn heads due to its distinctive style. Statement pendants usually look best when paired with simple outfits. Add a chic twist to your bland outfits by pairing them with a trendy statement pendant!

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