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Craftd Vs Jaxxon Vs Alfred & Co. London – which one should you go for?

Buying jewelry isn’t like buying anything else. It’s an experience unto itself. And choosing a brand is as essential. There are many options out there, but we have whittled these down to 3 main men’s jewelry brands; Craftd Vs Jaxxon Vs Alfred & Co. London. You need to understand quality, style, and even the way they’re marketed and sold. Do your homework, and research beforehand. We advise that you chose a reliable jewelry brand with a good reputation. Alfred & Co. London can help you decide: which is the best jewelry brand to choose?

Craftd Vs Jaxxon Vs Alfred & Co. London: How to pick the best?

When choosing a jewelry brand, you will probably go for the one that matches your aesthetics the most. Craftd pride it self with their classic designs with a minimalist aesthetic, but their jewelry can also be worn with street or activewear. Jaxxon on the other hand have beefy, sturdy, and versatile jewelry that’s unique and modern. And for the best of both worlds, Alfred & Co. London offer stylish, urban, sophisticated pieces, that are fit for both man and woman. We have a collection of handcrafted man’s chains that will elevate your style game.

Alfred & Co. London offers diversity in designs and styles

Compare these brands and make your choice

Alfred & Co. LondonJaxxonCraftd
QualityAlfred & Co. London offers
premium quality jewelry, including silver & gold plated, aerospace graded stainless steel & titanium.
At Jaxxon, you can puchase
14k gold, gold-bonded pieces and
925 sterling silver coated in 14k gold
Craftd offers hypoallergenic jewelry
made out of cheaper 316L stainless steel & rhodium
DesignsWide range of Figaro, Curb and Cuban chains, pendants, bracelets and ringsFranco chains, cuban and rope chains, pendants, rings and earringsFigaro, cuban, rope, tennis and iced chains
Best value for money
Moderately expensive
Mid range price
and deals
Offering gift cards, special discounts, bundle deals and prizes for lucky customers10% off bundles,
give $40, get $40
10% off your first order,
multiple discounts
PoliciesHassle-free 30 day return period, fast free shipping, 100% secure checkout, same-day dispatch, offering lifetime warrantyRefund within 3-10 business days, easy returns and exchangesEasy return via the website within 30 days of delivery, lifetime warranty, safe online shopping
Craftd Vs Jaxxon Vs Alfred & Co. London: Comparing brands can help you pick out the best!

Jaxxon Vs Craftd: Biggest pros and cons

When comparing and choosing a jewelry brand, there will be some pros and cons. While Jaxxon has a big choice, they only offer 3 types of necklace chains: cuban, rope and franco. Craftd on the other hand has the same designs plus curb, Tennis, Wheat and Figaro chains. One of the biggest pros that Craftd has is the personal online shopper. Just answer a couple of questions and you will be matched with a perfect piece of jewelry. Both brands have gift bundles, witch makes it pretty easy for buying jewelry for a special man in your life. Jaxxon and Craftd offer free shipping for purchases above $200 and $100, but they both have secure shipping and good return policies. Alfred & Co. London, however, offer free shipping as standard giving its customers much better value.

Are Jaxxon chains legit?

Looking at feedback from customers the overall impression is that they do sell legit chains & necklaces. However, the question that customers really need to consider is: am I really getting best value for money with my purchase? If it’s truly value for money that you are looking for when purchasing you next men’s chain then our surveys have shown that Alfred & Co. London cannot be beaten when it comes to value for money.

Craftd Vs Jaxxon Vs Alfred & Co. London: Who has the best shipping options?

If you want to get the best of both worlds. Alfred & Co. London has great shipping options, hassle-free 30 day return period and same-day dispatch. We ship jewelry worldwide! You can also checkout our offer on our official Instagram page @alfredandco. Bellow you can find all the options for shipping to USA:

Why are return policies important?

Believe it or not, the option to return an item makes consumers more willing to pay. Plus, there will be more purchases if the customers feels the safety of a return policy. It is more likely that a customer will shop again if they have a positive return experience. There is a 50% increase in sales for e-commerce businesses with at least 40% repeat customers. Policies that encourage returns improve public perceptions of brands. And there are many reasons to it:

  • Customers feel more attached to items that they own for a longer period of time;
  • The likelihood of consumers sharing their online experiences is higher when they have a positive experience, just look at Alfred & Co. London reviews!
  • Online retailers are more likely to retain customers who have a positive return experience.

Gold Chain Necklace Cuban
Men’s Miami© chain in gold
Mens Silver Necklace Chain
Men’s ice© chain.

Conclusion: Which is the best jewelry brand?

Fashion accessories such as jewelry really complete your outfits. It’s also a great investment. Therefore it’s crucial to pick the right jewelry brand that fits your aesthetics and style. If you have a deeper pocket and want to wear modern and unique pieces, Jaxxon is the choice for you. However, if you want a mid price range jewelry for daily wear, pick Craftd. And to get the best of both worlds and wear sophisticated and stylish jewelry, opt for Alfred & Co. London. Contact us if you want to know more. Craftd Vs Jaxxon Vs Alfred & Co. London, the decision is ultimately all yours.

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    Silver Chain Necklace | 7mm Width | ice©
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