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Stainless Steel Jewellery Vs Sterling Silver Jewellery | 8 x Reasons Stainless Steel is the Winner!

Which is better – stainless steel or sterling silver jewellery? Is sterling silver jewellery better than stainless steel jewellery? These are common questions when trying to decide which material is best for costume jewellery or day-to-day fashion jewellery. In the world of jewellery, the choice between stainless steel jewellery and sterling silver jewellery often leaves many in a state of indecision. Both materials possess their unique allure, but when it comes to durability, versatility, and overall value, stainless steel jewellery effortlessly emerges as the superior choice – some would even say it “steals” the show – sorry we couldn’t resist! Let’s delve into the key reasons why stainless steel jewellery reigns supreme over its sterling silver counterpart;

If you’re short on time, you can watch a quick video where Andy at Alfred & Co. London discusses 3 main benefits of stainless steel jewellery compared to sterling silver: –

1. Exceptional Durability

Stainless steel jewellery is renowned for its unparalleled durability. Unlike sterling silver, which can tarnish and lose its shine over time, stainless steel boasts remarkable resistance to corrosion, rust, and staining. This makes it a perfect choice for everyday wear, allowing you to enjoy your jewellery without worrying about constant maintenance.

The below real life image showcases perfectly what happens to sterling silver jewellery over time compared to stainless steel – the chain on the left is stainless steel and the chain on the right is sterling silver. You can clearly see that the chain on the right has succumbed to black tarnished patches – these are virtually impossible to remove – whereas the chain on the left has retained its natural shine. This alone is enough to make stainless steel jewellery an outright winner when compared to sterling silver side by side. View our full range of stainless steel chains here.

Stainless steel chain necklace (left) compared to sterling silver (right).
Stainless steel chain necklace (left) compared to sterling silver (right).

2. Longevity

When it comes to longevity, stainless steel jewellery stands as a testament to its enduring nature. While sterling silver might require regular polishing and cleaning to retain its shine, stainless steel maintains its brilliance with minimal effort. This longevity ensures that your investment in stainless steel pieces will stand the test of time, making them heirloom-worthy accessories.

3. Hypoallergenic Properties

For individuals with sensitive skin, stainless steel jewellery offers a safe haven. Unlike sterling silver, which might contain trace amounts of other metals that could trigger allergic reactions, stainless steel is hypoallergenic. This means that even those with the most delicate skin can comfortably flaunt their stainless steel pieces without any discomfort or irritation.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

While both stainless steel and sterling silver jewellery offer their own aesthetic appeal, stainless steel often emerges as the more cost-effective choice. Sterling silver’s price is significantly influenced by fluctuations in the silver market, making it a less predictable investment. On the other hand, stainless steel remains consistently affordable without compromising on quality, making it an accessible option for a wider range of budgets.

Average price of a men’s stainless steel chain = £45.00

Average price of a men’s sterling silver chain = £145.00

5. Versatility in Design

Stainless steel’s malleability and versatility in design open up a world of creative possibilities. Jewellers can effortlessly craft intricate and elaborate designs due to its sturdiness, allowing for the creation of statement pieces that capture attention without compromising on structural integrity. This flexibility in design ensures that stainless steel jewellery ranges from classic elegance to contemporary edginess.

6. Low Maintenance

One of the most compelling reasons to choose stainless steel jewellery is its low-maintenance nature. Unlike sterling silver, which demands regular polishing to ward off tarnish, stainless steel requires little upkeep. A simple wipe with a soft cloth is often enough to restore its sparkle, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer hassle-free adornments.

7. Resistance to Fading

Stainless steel’s remarkable resistance to fading sets it apart from sterling silver. The latter can lose its shine and vibrancy over time due to exposure to environmental factors, whereas stainless steel retains its polished appearance regardless of the elements it encounters. This resistance to fading ensures that your stainless steel jewellery continues to exude elegance and allure throughout its lifetime.

8. Environmental Considerations

In an era where environmental sustainability is of paramount importance, stainless steel jewellery takes the lead with its eco-friendly attributes. Sterling silver mining and production often involve extensive resource extraction and energy consumption. In contrast, stainless steel is primarily made from recycled materials, minimising its environmental footprint. Opting for stainless steel jewellery contributes to a more sustainable and responsible fashion choice.

In summary, while sterling silver jewellery possesses its own charm, the benefits of stainless steel jewellery make it the ultimate choice for those seeking longevity, durability, and style. Its exceptional resistance to tarnish, hypoallergenic properties, and low-maintenance nature ensure that stainless steel pieces remain radiant and captivating for years to come. Moreover, its versatility in design, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly attributes add to its appeal as a modern jewellery choice. So, whether you’re selecting a piece for yourself or a loved one, stainless steel jewellery stands as a gleaming testament to durability, style, and responsible adornment. Check out some of Alfred & Co. London’s stainless steel pieces below: –

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