7 Reasons Why Men Should Be Wearing Bracelets in 2022

If your wrist wear usually includes just a watch, it’s time to switch things up and add some arm candy to the mix. From Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, to Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, stylish men have been wearing bracelets for decades, in an attempt to add a touch of sophistication to their everyday looks. But as gender neutral fashion takes over the runways, gender neutral jewelry, especially bracelets have never had a moment quite like this one. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to charm up those wrists (and the ladies), with some irresistible wrist bracelets. And if you still need a bit more convincing, keep reading. 

1. A display of wealth and power: Men have worn bracelets for centuries in a bid to show off their status and power. From prehistoric men that wore bracelets to ward off evil spirits, to warriors and kings who wore bracelets to signify their position in society, bracelets have evolved greatly over the centuries. Once considered a symbol of good luck and power, today bracelets have become an irreplaceable modern male accessory. So whether you’re someone who likes beaded bracelets like this Green Tiger Eye bracelet or someone who prefers metal pieces like this Cuban bracelet in gold, it’s time to add a touch of lux to your everyday looks. 

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2. Keep your watch in good company: It’s true, the first thing people notice about men is their watch, more often than not. So there’s really no point in investing in an iced out Rollie if you’re going to leave the rest of your wrist bare. A silver bracelet like this CubanSlim for instance, will complement your watch perfectly and not take away from it.

Rule of thumb: If the strap of your watch is silver or platinum, choose a silver or stainless steel bracelet like this Curb Style Ice to go along with it, and if your watch is gold, then pair it with a gold bracelet like this gold 10MM bracelet. 

Men's Bracelet's

3.  A great conversation starter: It’s no secret that wearing jewelry and bracelets in particular is a great way to start a conversation with someone you don’t know. If you bought your bracelet at a flea market on your last holiday for example, it’s a great way to share stories of that experience in a way that seems authentic and fun. 

On the flip side, if the bracelet you’re wearing belonged to a family member, you can seamlessly weave in stories of your family into the conversation, making it evident that you are someone who is sentimental and values family. Because more often than not, if it’s a jazzy bracelet with personality, someone is definitely going to ask you where you got it from.

4. Reflects your personality: jewelry and bracelets in particular can say a lot about a person, a lot more than just clothes can. If you’re someone who is well acquainted with wearing bracelets already, then you already know that different bracelets can say different things about your personality – sense of style, likes and dislikes and even your taste in music. For instance if you’re someone who likes to spend their time at music festivals and lying low on the beach, then you might choose a beaded bracelet like this Brown Tiger Eye bracelet. And if you’re someone who likes the finer things in life and spending your weekends popping bottles at Mayfair clubs, then you might choose a metal bracelet like this gold 12MM bracelet

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5. Can elevate any look: Tired of staring at your wardrobe in the hope of some show-stopping pieces popping out? Let your clothes take a backseat and allow your jewelry to do the talking. Invest in an eclectic collection of bracelets that can elevate even the most mundane, dare we say it, boring looks. In order to make sure your bracelets always steal the show –  make sure you own at least one bracelet for every mood. A green beaded bracelet like this one for those gloomy days when you can’t get yourself out of bed and need something to cheer you up. A skull beaded bracelet like this one, for nights out with the boys and a metal chain bracelet like this one for the days where you might have an impromptu date / meeting and need to quickly add some drip to your look. 

6. Shows that you’re trendy and fashionable: While earrings and necklaces may be a bit overwhelming for someone who isn’t familiar with male jewelry, a bracelet can act as the perfect getaway piece to prove that you’re someone who cares about fashion and style. We’re pretty sure that all your favourite style icons have worn a bracelet at least once in their life, heck who are we kidding, all the fit blokes wear one everyday.  So if you’re ready to hop on the trend, but still a bit weary, kick off your bracelet journey with a beaded bracelet like this skull bracelet in black that can spruce up any look. Trust us, once you put it on, your wrist will feel naked without it. You can thank us later. 


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