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Looking for Hip Hop Jewellery or Bling Jewellery? Here we have our famous $$$Club™ range of Hip Hop style jewellery. If you’re looking for flashy Hip Hop & Rap jewellery styles, then you need to ensure you become a member of the exclusive $$$Club™.

Bling Jewellery

Whether you’re searching for rapper chains, or bling chains, our $$$Club™ range of bling jewellery is sure to impress when in the club or simply chilling with your homies. All of our $$$Club™ jewellery range comes with a luxury jewellery box and quick delivery. Shop for your next piece of bling today and show off your true worth by joining the $$$Club™.

Hip Hop Chains

If you’re looking for Hip Hop chains and necklaces, our $$$Club™ collection includes a range to choose from. All of our Hip Hop jewellery has been designed to be fashionable, rugged and on-trend. By owning a piece of $$$Club™ jewellery you are showcasing your true commitment and dedication to the Hip Hop music scene.

$$$Club Jewellery