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We believe in supplying only the hottest, most on-trend and stylish jewellery designs to our valued customers. Alfred & Co. Jewellery are based in the UK but deliver our sizzlingly hot 🔥  jewellery worldwide. We are open 24/7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, which means when you place your online jewellery order we will ship it straight away. We offer a free delivery option on all UK orders. We have many years experience in crafting the most fashionable jewellery pieces which are sure to pack a powerful punch and make an awesome impression! This is why our customers love us and keep on returning for more and more. 

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"I've been patiently waiting for a track to explode on
You can stun if you want and your ass will get rolled on
It feels like my flows been hot for so long
If you thinking I'm fuc*ing fall off your so wrong." – 50 Cent

Photographer: jjoemcdermott

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"Freeze frame right here right now…" – DBA

Photographer: jjoemcdermott

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Sunday the end of one week and the start of a brand new one full of possibilities… 💯

Photographer : jjoemcdermott

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Your relationship with you matters.⁣

“The less time you fixate on everyone else, the more time you have to focus on yourself” – jayshetty

Our ego is very trippy most times, always on that saviour vibes. We convince ourselves that we are doing good and helping someone. I am all for helping people but more often than not, We are always helping people paint their walls when we don’t even have a wall at all.⁣

Use that time and energy to build your wall, paint it and then you can help others with theirs. ⁣

Please follow me and put your notifications on ☺️.⁣

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A product showreel with alfredandco ⛓

remiakande taurenjay abigailalex_ 🎬

#mcdmedia #alfredandcojewellery #videography

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Seems its finally getting warmer… Hopefully I can ditch the winter jacket ASAP! #rollonsummer 🤞

Photographer: jjoemcdermott

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GUESS WHO 2021 style – zoom classes are my new fave light relief. Listening to 12 x5-6 year olds – who just miss each other’s faces – asking THE most random questions, putting their virtual hands up just because “everyone else was” and listening to how wonderfully their teacher refrains from laughing in the face of hilarity. They’re not ideal, they’re a bit of a faff, but they’re 20 minutes of joy in this house. And it made Cas’ day that Mrs W picked his 90s hip-hop look as one of her Guess Who characters. #isaidahiphophippietothehippiethehiphipahopandyoudontstop #guesswho #2021classroom #canyouputyourselfbackonmute #bvjm

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Never get complacent, push and strive to achieve…

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