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Why a Curb Chain Design is the Best Men’s Chain You Can Get!

For decades, gold and silver chains have been a staple of the jewelry world. From delicate ones to the chunky Curb links worn by rappers in the ‘80s, they’ve remained a fixture of the jewelry lexicon due to their sheer versatility. Over the years, simple gold chains have at times been overlooked by their glamorous cousins (iced statement pieces) or other jewelry trends, but they’re still a staple because of their ability to elevate even the most low-key of outfits while not being so flashy so as to overwhelm the moment. And if you’ve got one from the Alfred & Co. London jewelry collection, there’s a perfect chance you can incorporate it easily into your own look. However, there is still the question: why is a curb chain design the best men’s chain you can get? Keep reading to find out more.

The best chain for men: Curb Chain Design

If you are a jewelry lover or a first-time buyer – you simply cannot go wrong with a Curb chain. It’s a classic design that fits almost every guy out there. Yes sure, it’s pretty basic, but only in a good way. A curb chain bracelet or necklace is a piece you can wear every day and on every occasion. A premium quality necklace, like a curb chain by Alfred & Co. London, is a classic piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. The bracelets and necklaces fit seamlessly into a modern lifestyle and look great for work or play. It’s no wonder why so many trendy guys already have them in their collections! And if you want to be one of them, you’ll know exactly where to look!

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Why should you own at least one piece of Curb chain jewelry?

Men are increasingly wearing jewelry, especially necklaces and chains. The trend started among celebrities, and they should get credit for its surge in popularity. For many people, jewelry is a way to make a simple outfit special. It’s no longer reserved exclusively for royalty; it’s been around long enough that kings and nobility have had their turn with it! If you can afford to do so, it’s your right to wear whatever you want. Though there may be an apparent change in gender roles, there are still those who hold traditional views on what constitutes masculinity and what they should and shouldn’t wear. And luckily, men’s jewelry and curb chains especially have remained statement pieces that every guy should own! It will make you look sexy and confident, and it will round up your daily outfits, no matter if it’s a silver Curb chain necklace or a bracelet.

Next step: How to choose length and size

When choosing a chain length, it is essential to keep in mind height and body type. A man’s neck size is the same as a shirt’s collar size; this information can help you find the right chain length. The standard and most recommended necklace length for most men’s chains is 20 inches (50.8 cm). This would fall at the collarbone, just below the top button on a shirt. Overall, chains come in lengths ranging from 18 inches to 30 inches. Each size corresponds to a particular look. Multiple chains can be worn at once for a layered effect. If the chain has a medallion, cross, or dog tag attached to it, you might want to select a slightly longer length than what you would normally wear.

What about the thickness and the width?

Men’s chains come in a wide range of widths and thicknesses. The most common are between 2mm – 8mm, corresponding to a man’s neck size, body type, and the purpose of the chain. Wider chains are bolder and more noticeable. A 2mm width is about the thickness of a headphone cord, while a 6mm width is about as thick as a pencil. Width between 4mm – 6mm works best for pendants worn outside of clothing. Anything above a 10mm length makes for a statement piece.

Necklace guide
Curb Chain design is the best when you pick the right size and thickness of it!

Curb Chain Design is the best you can get – so style it right!

When styling chains, make sure to have a primary necklace that acts as the focus of your outfit. The other chains should serve as support. Create distance between each chain for better visibility. If you wear two chains, the thicker one will usually be worn on top while the thinner chain is worn on the bottom. If you’re wearing a pendant necklace with a chain, make sure to wear the pendant below and keep the chain above it. Finally, the best thing you can do when styling your chains is to just wing it! If you want to stay true to yourself, wear them as you see fit, and own them!

Curb Chain Design is the best and probably the most popular chain a guy can get! Don’t hesitate and check out our shop, and many five star reviews from our satisfied customers. Be a part of a community that’s getting bigger every day and elevate your style game with Alfred & Co. London.

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