Find The Meaning Of Life With Mulberry Tree Of Life Jewellery

Fashion is ever-changing but certain things stay forever because they’re both meaningful inspirational! Symbolic jewellery helps people to insert a bit of their personality into their outfits, showcase their individuality with confidence and demonstrate what they believe in. Just like Hamsa and Evil Eye jewellery, the Tree Of Life shares the same significance and has been around for a long time, moreover is here to stay due to its increasing popularity. Today, we’ll introduce our Tree Of Life Jewellery and will enlighten as to why it is a collection of both promise and style aesthetic favourable for women of all ages.

What Does Tree Of Life Stand For?


Everyone shares a different side of Tree of Life and all stick to their own variety of meaning since it is meant as a gateway of knowledge, and the more you familiarize with it, the more you get to witness the numerous facets. It links back to almost all religions and many spiritual beliefs, mainly focusing on Buddhism, portraying the Bodhi tree, representing Buddha’s road to enlightenment. Basically, it is a cross between many cultures and brings out the originality of every human being, no matter which religion you belong to.

The stem is the root of all goodness, we get a tree and then the leaves that gracefully decorate the entirety of its very being. Tree of life brings out the message of connection and skimming to new chapters of life. It provides you with hope of starting from the core to purify the outside. Tree of life is a symbol of learning, wisdom, and awareness. In order to understand, you need to explore and to succeed, you need a cure first. All of the characteristics which are being defined by various ranges of Tree Of Life Jewellery, from bracelets to rings and to earrings – you have the ease of donning this symbol and inviting its superior qualities around you.


Profound Messages




Tree of life depicts a tree reaching out and in with its branches and roots while being contained in a circle. The circle showcases the world and the tree relates to everything else. This symbolises nature and your family, almost like a life cycle.


A tree might appear weak and thin in the early stages of growth but as it matures, it stands guard against natural disasters, harsh sun rays, pollution and provides shelter to everyone, without nestling into social class, status or ranks as set by humans. It is an icon of power, purity, and protection- the three P’s mankind should aspire to be!


No doubt a tree grows old, yet it possesses the key of continuing its generation, henceforth it remains immortal. It imbues you with positive energy, clarifying the importance of living for the better good and boosts you to work for a bright future. Learn from a tree – it stands tall and proud without a doubt!


Our Collection


People like to wear Tree of Life Jewellery to define and accept their uniqueness, therefore it’ll refine your style. Whether you wear it for religious means or as a mere fashion statement, the choice is yours truly because Tree Of Life is for everyone, is reputable and most of all doesn’t bear any negative undertone. Our collection features earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.


Mulberry Tree of Life Earrings

Tree of Life earrings and ear studs made with sterling silver are ideal for daily wear. Our earrings and studs enable to express a natural, organic side of yours while remaining in the frames of a fashionable edge. Whether you’re getting ready for work, have an important meeting to attend or walking around the town with your girlies – these earpieces are all good vibes and happy gestures. Presented in both rose gold and silver, you can opt for what goes best with your dress, though we know rose gold would call for an inner squeal.

Mulberry Tree of Life Bracelets


Bracelets are versatile and one of the nicest ways to accessorise your outfit, single goes brilliantly with an elegant dress and multiple selections look best with casual attire. Our tree of life bracelets are available in both rose gold and silver, and the inclusion of sterling silver ensures a better longevity. If you gravitate towards simplicity with a touch of earth, our Mulberry Tree Of Life Bracelets will highly impress you.


Mulberry Tree of Life Necklace


Tree of Life Jewellery Necklace


Necklaces are a girl’s best friend, their range from a pendant to a choker and to a simple necklace lets you create and achieve many effortless looks. Our necklace comprises sterling silver which makes the necklace tremendously durable and helps you radiate your persona. Rose gold colour goes beautifully with black and white while assisting in making a fashion statement and tell you what? Ours is in Rose Gold!


Tree of Life Pendants

Pendants are just another level as they can be hooked on simple chains to either loop them around your neck or your wrist. Pendants are the perfect tie between formal and informal as you get to wear your favourite symbols in a stylish manner and layering adds that extra oomph. With our Mulberry Tree of Life Pendant and Tree of Life Pendant – you can easily translate harmony in your life smartly.


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