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Mens Necklaces

Mens necklaces have always been an important fashion accessory of choice worn by men. Alfred & Co. Jewellery have a wide range of mens necklaces to choose from. We specialise in supplying mens necklaces which are made of high quality premium sterling silver.

Mens necklaces are an excellent mens gift idea; when looking for a new mens necklace, there are a number of different factors which need to be considered. These can include some of the following: –

  1. Style – the style of mens necklace is of crucial importance. For example, would you prefer a curb link design or figaro link design? Alfred & Co. Jewellery offer a range of different styles of mens necklaces to choose from.
  2. Width – how wide would you like the mens necklace to be? The width of a mens necklace impacts the overall weight of the necklace. So therefore, if you are simply looking for a lightweight mens necklace, you would be much better going for one of our smaller width mens necklaces similar to the mens necklace below.
    Mens necklaces
    Thin Mens Necklace

    The above image shows our 2.12mm width curb style mens necklace. This mens necklace is made from premium Italian 925 sterling silver. Our 2.12mm width mens necklace would be an excellent choice for someone who is seeking a discreet, lightweight and classically designed mens necklace.

  3. Length – the length of the men’s necklace is again of high importance. Depending on the type of look you are going for, will depend on the length of mens necklace you should buy. You can use the necklace size chart below to get an idea of how the length would look on an average sized person.

    Necklace Size Chart – Alfred & Co. Jewellery
  4. Cost – obviously the cost of the mens necklace is an important consideration. You need to ensure that you can afford the particular mens necklace you are purchasing. Typically, the heavier the mens necklace, the more expensive it will be – this is simply because more raw material e.g. sterling silver, is required to make heavier necklaces than lighter necklaces.
  5. Material – the material which a mens necklace is made from is also a factor you will want to consider. Alfred & Co. Jewellery specialise primarily in mens silver chains. Our mens necklaces are made from Italian 925 sterling silver ensuring the highest quality mens necklace possible.
Mens necklaces
Mens Necklace – Silver Curb Style
Mens Necklace – Silver Figaro Style