Football cufflinks – the coolest gift for men who love both sports and fashion

Need some inspiration for cool men’s gift ideas? Forget about the eternal “manly gifts”, such as perfumes and aftershaves – they are overrated and have become somehow trivial over time. Belts and ties? Predictable and kind of risky, if you don’t know the exact size and preferences of the recipient. The latest smartphone or tablet? It could be a nice gift, but not all men are gadget-freaks and fashionable electronics are pretty expensive after all.

If you want to give a wonderful surprise to the man you love or someone you care about, we believe you should give him something manly and sophisticated, delicate but bold, unexpected and practical. That’s why a special pair of cufflinks will make the perfect gift idea for all stylish men who like to dress to impress and love to make bold fashion statements.

Cufflinks have come a long way since four centuries ago when they emerged into the world of fashion as one of the few acceptable items of jewellery for men. Once worn only by aristocrats, cufflinks are now stylish accessories for all men with self-confidence and a great sense of fashion. Cufflinks are no longer suitable only for ceremonial and formal events, but have become popular with contemporary chic outfits men wear on more casual occasions, such as parties and business meetings.

While cufflinks for ceremonial and business outfits are sober and elegant, with classic colours such as black, white, silver and gold, casual cufflinks come in various shapes, sizes and shades to instantly add a touch of style and elegance to any casual shirt. Sophisticated and elegant, this little piece of jewellery is the simplest and most efficient way a man can add elegance and class to his appearance.

Why are cufflinks the perfect sports gift idea? While some men may be reluctant to wear formal cufflinks, none of them would say no to cool funky cufflinks that express their passion for sports. Even a man who doesn’t usually wear cufflinks with his business suits, he would surely appreciate a pair of novelty football cufflinks he can wear with his casual shirt and jacket when going out with friends or at some casual party. Here are more reasons football cufflinks are ideal football gifts for stylish men: –

Cufflinks are practical. Men and cufflinks are like women and their passion for bags – one can never have too many! Not to mention the same shirt can be reinvented over and over again with different styles of cufflinks. Therefore, cufflinks are perfect gifts and practical accessories for every man’s wardrobe.

Cufflinks are stylish and sophisticated. These little pieces of jewellery are a great way to emphasise the personal style, refinement and personality of the wearer.

Cufflinks are must-have accessories for men. Just like ties, bows and belts, cufflinks are indispensable accessories for the male wardrobe. They are suitable for all occasions, from formal to casual, and a great way to add splashes of colour to every stylish outfit. You will notice that ALL stylish men wear cufflinks – just look at the likes of David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio!

Cufflinks are the classy way to express passion for football. As sports and fashion go hand in hand and since all men love football, you can do no wrong if you choose football cufflinks as a special football gift idea for the man you love or respect. Here are the funkiest and most original football cufflinks that can compliment a man’s style as well as his passion for the “king of sports”:

Cool Black and Silver Football Cufflinks

Silver cufflinks are always a classic and elegant choice and look great with a large variety of colours, from black and

Football Cufflinks

white to neutrals and pastel shades. Check out the Mens Silver & Black Football Novelty Cufflinks. The round shape and chromatic combination between silver and black can be easily paired with casual shirts and suit jackets that come in classic colours such as black or white, elegant navy blue, neutral grey or pastel shades (light blue, beige etc.).

Football Cufflinks

For an alternative choice, choose the Mens Silver Black & White Football Novelty Cufflinks, as they gently combine white with black and silver. With these cool sports cufflinks, your lover or friend can show off his passion for the beautiful sport of football and look stylish at the same time. An excellent football gift idea!


Football cufflinks with a stylish twist

If football shaped cufflinks can’t suit everybody’s taste, a fashionable man with specific attention to detail may require a more bold and out-of-the-way type of cufflinks. For example, Alfred & Co.’s Silver Referee Whistle

Referee Whistle Cufflinks

Cufflink’s are both stylish, versatile and easy to mix & match with casual clothing in order to create fresh and elegant daily outfits. The silver whistle features a delicate spiral design that adds a modern twist to this classic men’s accessory. The Silver Referee Whistle Cufflinks look fantastic when paired with white casual shirts, dark coloured suit jackets and a pair of comfortable light blue jeans.

Just like silver, gold is a classic colour when it comes to cufflinks. Golden sports cufflinks are must-have accessories for every sports fan with a flair for fashion. And these Mens Gold World Cup Football Novelty Cufflinks from Alfred & Co. are the ultimate football gift idea! The memorable matches and great goals from World Cup Brazil 2014 (remember Robin van Persie diving to score a wonderful header against Spain, or David Luiz’s spectacular 30 yard free-kick in the match against Colombia?) are still fresh in the memory of every football fan, so these World Cup cufflinks are an excellent football gift idea for men. With two delicate green lines that make the golden colour stand out even more, these football cufflinks look great when paired with brown clothing and accessories but also work just as well with a simple white shirt. Black, indigo and white chromatic combinations are also very stylish and modern.

World Cup Cufflinks

Classic and sophisticated football cufflinks with elegant touches of silver and gold, or colourful and funky with a modern twist, ultimately make an excellent football gift idea and sports gift idea.

If we have tantalized your fashion taste buds with any of these football gift ideas and sports gift ideas, why not browse our football cufflinks & sports cufflinks today?

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Are you looking for gift ideas for men?

There are lots of gift ideas for men and Alfred & Co. Jewellery are here to help you make a decision and choose the best option. We have drawn up a list of some of our best gift ideas for men, which will hopefully make your search for mens gifts a little bit easier. This list of gift ideas for men, isn’t intended to include all men’s gift ideas, but instead, this sample of what we believe to be the best gift ideas for men, will hopefully help to get the ball rolling when thinking about what men’s gift idea would suit the person you are buying for.

There are many occasions where you may be looking for gift ideas for men; you may be looking for a men’s birthday gift idea, men’s Christmas gift idea or a men’s anniversary gift idea. Alternatively, you may simply be looking to treat him as a nice surprise; after all, you don’t necessarily need a specific occasion as an excuse to spoil him. Perhaps he just needs cheering up or may be you just want to show him how much he means to you? Whatever occasion it may be, selecting the right mens gift idea is crucial in ensuring he will be pleased with what he receives.

To start with, although we realise this may come across as a little bias, we have to say that we truly believe a nice men’s jewellery gift makes a perfect gift idea for men. Take these stunning men’s black & silver cufflinks for example.

Men’s Black & Silver Cufflinks

These beautifully stylish cufflinks are from our Premium Cufflinks range and work exceptionally well with a smart shirt. In our opinion, cufflinks really should be at the top of the list when looking for gift ideas for men. Or perhaps if you are looking for a men’s gift idea which is a little less formal and has a slight twist to it, then you may find a pair of our Novelty Cufflinks are more suitable.

Our Novelty Cufflinks range includes a wide variety of different themed cufflinks such as Animal Cufflinks, Car Cufflinks, Motorbike Cufflinks plus a

Blue & Silver Cufflinks

variety of other novelty cufflinks designs.

If you think he may like something a little more adrenaline fuelled however, and your budget allows for it, how about a car racing track day for a cool gift idea for men? The majority of men out there like their cars and a track day out driving high end cars like a Ferrari or Lamborghini would probably be something they would absolutely love.

FerrariIf the idea of a car racing track day for a men’s gift idea is something that appeals to you, then our recommendation would be to start by looking at somewhere like the Silverstone website to get an idea on prices and then start from there. Silverstone may not be the cheapest option but it is a good place to start looking to get an idea of the different types of driving experiences on offer.

If neither a piece of men’s jewellery or a car racing track day appeals to you as a suitable men’s gift idea, then how about buying him a nice item of clothing? Clothing can make an excellent gift idea for men. Our first choice would probably be a smart shirt or jumper from Paul Smith

This beautiful navy Paul Smith shirt below has a Cupid’s Arrow print design, which looks exceptionally sleek and

Paul Smith Shirt

Paul Smith Shirt

stylish. However with prices starting from £150.00, Paul Smith isn’t the cheapest option; although if you can find a designer outlet near you then the chances are you will be able to find a Paul Smith shirt for much cheaper than RRP. The great thing about Paul Smith clothing is that they are constantly looking for unique cutting edge designs which really help to add to the glamour and mystic of donning one of these. Paul Smith also usually offer exceptional cuts, meaning the shirt will sit perfectly.

If a shirt doesn’t appeal to you as a men’s gift idea, then why not consider something else such as a jumper or jacket? Perhaps the man you have in mind enjoys playing sport or going to the gym; if so you can more or less guarantee he would be happy with a new pair of jogging bottoms or a hooded top – although we appreciate this isn’t necessarily the most glamorous of suggestions for a men’s gift idea, it is the sense of practicality which will appeal and ultimately satisfy him. Failing that, simply a pair of socks from M&S or better still Tommy Hilfiger – we love Tommy Hilfiger socks as Tommy Hilfiger Socksthey have to be one of the comfiest pairs of socks around – and we talk from experience when we recommend these as a men’s gift idea!

Okay so if a nice pair of cufflinks, a car racing track day, smart shirt, or a pair of funky socks don’t appeal to you as a suitable gift idea for men, then fear not….we have more men’s gift ideas to follow.

Our next suggestion for a men’s gift idea is taking him to a restaurant for his favourite meal. As the old adage goes, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Do a little research (by

Juicy Steak

Juicy Steak

simply asking him!) to find out what his favourite food is. A starting point here could be to take him somewhere like Gaucho’s for a true tasting Argentinian sizzling steak. Gaucho’s is a nationwide chain of steak restaurants which often receives rave reviews; and for good reason too! Their steaks are both sumptuous and delicious. If you visit the Gaucho’s website, they even have a gifts section too where you can look at buying a gift card! Perfection!

Okay so far we have given you a few different gift ideas for men, however, each of these do have one thing in common – they each have a cost associated with them. Although we have tried to vary the costs of our suggestions,



we appreciate that not everyone wants to spend money on an actual men’s gift, and would prefer a cheaper gift alternative. So with this in mind, we thought we would throw in a different men’s gift idea; how about a simple trip to the seaside? Whilst we admit this isn’t a completely free men’s gift option, as you do have to take into account petrol costs and the obligatory fish & chips with ice cream, it is still an alternative gift idea for men. Most men (& women) love going on a weekend cruise to the coast with the people they hold dear to them and it will also give you all the chance to build up more enjoyable memories which you can then treasure forever. Our first choice would have to be Whitby up on the north east coast; oh, and if you do decide on Whitby, don’t forget to pay a visit to Magpie Cafe  often credited with serving up some of the finest Fish & Chips in the UK and worldwide!

Okay so now we’ve thrown in a cheaper alternative men’s gift idea, let’s continue with our remaining suggestions for

Gift ideas for men

Gift Ideas For Men

some superb gift ideas for men. Our next men’s gift idea is following along a similar theme to what we have previously suggested; men’s jewellery. Although this time, rather than a pair of cufflink’s, how about a men’s gift which is a little more extravagant such as a men’s sterling silver bangle like this one on the left. Designed with both swarve and style in equal proportions, this men’s silver bangle looks absolutely magnificent. The unique outer intertwined rope design adds almost a gravitational defying feel to this extraordinary men’s bangle.

Silver bangle’s are are hugely popular fashion accessory for men, and for good reason too. A men’s silver bangle helps to add style, sophistication and even sex appeal. A silver bangle worn by a man show’s he cares about his appearance, about the finer detail and he isn’t afraid to show it. At Alfred & Co. we stock a wide range of men’s silver bangles so why not browse our full range of men’s silver bangle’s or men’s silver bracelet’s today and see if there is one that takes your fancy.

Our next men’s gift idea suggestion will again appeal to the adrenaline junkie in him. It’s almost every man’s fantasy to be able to fly, just like superman! And that’s exactly what this men’s gift idea will achieve; indoor skydiving! Okay well not quite exactly, but it’s close enough right? Airkix is an indoor skydiving centre based in either Manchester,

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

Basingstoke or Milton Keynes. At Airkix they utilise the power of wind tunnels to circulate air into a chamber in which you can essentially fly. It is absolutely fantastic fun and receives rave reviews. With prices starting from only £29.99, and with various different packages on offer, it really is a wonderful and fun day out without costing the earth!

In summary, there are a wide variety of different gift ideas for men out there, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, whether it be cost, size, or practicality. Ultimately we hope the above list of gift ideas for men will at least help to get your creative juices flowing when trying to decide what would be an ideal men’s gift – why not even looking at combining some of the above gift ideas for men if you really want to spoil him!! We truly hope that this list of our gift ideas for men will help you when trying to choose your next men’s gift idea.

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Alfred & Co. Jewellery

A Tie Clip, also known as a Tie Bar or Tie Clasp, is essentially a stylistic clothing accessory which is used to clip a tie to the front of a shirt, with the primary purpose being to prevent the tie from swinging about. This has its obvious advantages for those who work in more manual roles, especially with machinery, where a swinging tie is a potential hazard.

However, aside from the health and safety benefits which a tie clip affords, there are other more stylistic benefits which tie clips bring to the table. First and foremost, a tie clip helps to keep a tie nice and straight. Therefore, when wearing a nice stylish suit, a tie clip often adds that extra finishing touch. The last thing you want is to make all that effort, only for a gust of wind to suddenly ruffle up your tie so it is all misaligned. This is one of the reasons you often see famous stars such as David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a tie clip.

David Beckham Tie Clip         Leonardo DiCaprio Tie ClipHowever, again this reason is a practical reason behind wearing a tie clip, and tie clips offer much more than sheer practicality. If you look at the images of both David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio on the left, you can see how as well as practicality, the tie clips they are wearing almost add an extra dimension to their whole attire. A well worn tie clip helps to add character, charm and style to an ensemble, and ultimately completes the finish. Now we say well worn, simply because there are a few points you need to bear in mind when wearing a tie clip. Firstly, it’s important that a tie clip is fastened to both the tie itself and the shirt behind it – the last thing you want is to have a swinging tie with a tie clip fastened to it as this defeats the whole purpose of wearing a tie clip in the first place!! Secondly, you must ensure that the tie clip is fastened in a horizontal position. Wearing a slanted or wonky tie clip will only serve to undo all the stylistic juices you have aimed to achieve by dressing smart. So our recommendation would be to check in the mirror before leaving the house in the morning, and take a glance at the tie clip from time to time throughout the day and re-adjust if required.

There are a range of different styles of tie clips out there, but when it comes to picking a style for you, we would recommend bearing in mind two key points; colour and design. We wouldn’t ever recommend wearing a tie clip which is the same colour as the shirt which you are wearing simply because it wouldn’t stand out how you need it to. Wearing a tie clip is something you want to do proudly, but if it’s the same colour as your shirt, the chances are people may not even notice it! The design of a tie clip is also crucial when choosing the right one to wear. When it comes to the design, we would always advise against wearing stripe designed tie clips with a stripe designed shirt as this could cause a catastrophic clash! Okay perhaps a slight exaggeration but you know where we are coming from with this, we only have your best interests at heart! So our advice would be to stick to wearing a patterned design tie clip with a plain shirt, and vice versa, so wearing a plain design tie clip with a patterned design shirt such as stripes would also be fine.

Ultimately, the best way to plan for wearing the correct style tie clip for any given occasion would be to ensure you have more than just one tie clip in your collection; our recommendation would be to have a minimum of 3 different styles of tie clips, but ideally 5. By having a range of different styles of tie clips in your collection you can be safe in the knowledge that you should always be able to achieve the right look.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on tie clips. Why not browse our full range of tie clips today and find the right style for you.

Kind Regards

Alfred & Co.



Hello, we just wanted to give you all a little update on what the team at Alfred & Co. have been working on lately. As well as adding to our jewellery collection, we have also made a couple of tweaks to make your jewellery shopping experience even better. Now, when you need to search for a jewellery item, we have built in predicted results which will show a drop down box along with product images and descriptions. Our aim is to make shopping for your jewellery items as easy and pain free as possible. We hope you like it!

Stay tuned for more jewellery updates from the team at Alfred & Co.

So the time has come again where you are looking for mens novelty gift ideas. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, novelty gift ideas for men have always been a popular choice. Mens novelty gifts, however, come in many shapes and forms. Because there is such a wide range of novelty gift ideas for men out there, it can actually be a really difficult choice to make. How much should you spend? Will he like this novelty gift idea, or would he prefer that novelty gift idea? It can be a mind boggling time.

Fear not, however, as we believe we have discovered the best novelty gift ideas for men!! Novelty cufflinks! Yes, novelty cufflinks, in our opinion make one of, if not, the best novelty gift ideas for men. So why do novelty cufflinks make for such a good novelty gift idea for men we hear you ask? Well let us tell you why we believe novelty cufflinks are the best novelty gift idea.

Novelty cufflinks, firstly, come with a reasonable price. Alfred & Co. novelty cufflinks have a starting price of around £15.00 – an amount which is low enough to ensure you don’t break the bank, but at the same time reasonable enough to make you feel you have spent a worthwhile amount on the person you are buying for; whether it be your Dad, boyfriend or simply someone special in your life.

Novelty cufflinks combine practicality with a splash of personality, which you can be confident that all men would truly appreciate. Take for example our Football cufflinks. The Football cufflinks as seen below.

Football Cufflinks

The great thing about novelty cufflinks like these Football cufflinks on the left, are that they add a touch of personality as they demonstrate the wearers passion for Football, but they also look smart at the same time. If you’re looking for a football gift idea or a novelty gift idea for men, then these novelty cufflinks are an excellent choice.

Novelty cufflinks such as these Football cufflinks also make an excellent talking point. So the next time he is wearing these Football cufflinks at a social function, he can rest a little easier in the knowledge that if he is struggling for conversation, all he has to do is look down at these superb novelty cufflinks and then all of a sudden, he will be back in full conversational flow….Phew! Awkward situation avoided as simple as that.

Rugby Cufflinks

Not only do a pair of novelty cufflinks encourage the wearer to show a bit of their personality. They can also make them happier in general. Yes, that’s right, wearing novelty cufflinks help to make them a little happier….and here’s why – everytime he looks down at his pair of novelty cufflinks he will be reminded first and foremost of the special person who bought the cufflinks for him, which is itself enough to bring a smile to their faces. Secondly they will be reminded of a passion of theirs! Take these Rugby Cufflinks as an example. Any self respecting Rugby fan would absolutely love wearing these. If you’re looking for Rugby gift ideas, these are an excellent novelty gift idea.

So not only will they be happier wearing novelty cufflinks because they are A) reminded of the special person who bought the novelty cufflinks for them, B) the sport or hobby for which they have a great passion, but there is also a C!

Car Cufflinks

That’s right folks, there is a “C”. Wearing novelty cufflinks such as these stunning Car Cufflinks on the right hand side, will make them happier simply because of their quirky nature. The quirkiness of a pair of novelty cufflinks, during times of increased stress perhaps, or when they are feeling a little low or sad, will remind the wearer not to take life too seriously. So all three of these reasons such as the sentiment of someone special, a passion for a hobby they care about and their general quirkiness, ultimately help to make novelty cufflinks the perfect mens novelty gift idea.

All Alfred & Co. novelty cufflinks come with a luxury cufflinks case, as well as quick delivery. Browse our full range of Novelty Cufflinks today and find your perfect mens novelty gift idea.

Alfred & Co.

Are you looking for mens Valentines gift ideas? It’s getting to that time of year once again where people are frantically asking the same old question – “what gift shall I get my man for Valentines day?”. Well here at Alfred & Co. we put our heads together to compile a list of our top 10 mens Valentines gift ideas. So here we go, our Valentines gift ideas for men: –

  1. Cufflinks. Yes Cufflinks make an excellent mens valentines gift idea quite simply because they manage to combine sentiment with style, without coming across as “too soppy”. The majority of men out there prefer understated affection rather than over the top, lovey dovey affection. It is for this reason, that a simple pair of cufflinks make such a great Valentines gift idea for men. As it’s Valentines Day however, we would probably recommend going the extra mile and buying your man a pair of Premium Cufflinks.
  2. A meal in or out. As the old adage goes, the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. So with this in mind why not book a table for two at your man’s favourite restaurant, or better still, take the time to actually prepare him a beautiful meal (and pudding of course!). Cooking him a meal at home has a number of advantages in that it is generally cheaper, you can go at your own pace (eating!), and because you’re in the comfort of your own home, when you have finished your dessert, you can have your second dessert whenever you feel ready ;)! If you decide to cook him something, checkout Nigella Lawson’s website for some inspirational dishes.
  3. A trip to the movies, or hire a film and stay in. This one is probably better for those couples who have been together a little longer – as let’s face it, going to the cinema isn’t going to allow too much conversation. For this reason, we would suggest watching a film instead. Picture (no pun intended) it, sat snuggled up on the sofa together, a glass of wine on the size, and a bowl of popcorn to share. Ahhh Bliss!!!!
  4. A new item of clothing that he has been thinking of buying that he has put off because he is trying to “save his pennies” or he has been too busy doing other things like watching the football or going to the pub (well….it wouldn’t be the DIY would it!)!
  5. If you can afford to splash the cash, then a track driving day would be an excellent choice. Most men would absolutely love to hit the track in their favourite supercar for the day. With prices ranging from around £45.00 to £900.00+ there are a variety of different track day choices. A good starting point would be to look at the Silverstone website, the home of the annual UK Formula 1 race.
  6. A weekend trip away would please most men out there. Why not take him somewhere like the Lake District, or find a romantic log cabin somewhere for you both – ideally with your own personal jacuzzi to use if you catch our drift!
  7. A piece of jewellery other than cufflinks can also make a truly delightful mens valentines gift idea. Mens silver bangles and mens silver bracelets are highly fashionable mens fashion accessories right now. Check out our selection of mens silver bangles and mens silver bracelets today and see if you can find something he might like!
  8. Take him to the football – yes we said it. Even though you may absolutely loathe the beautiful game, taking your other half to see his favourite team is an excellent way to show that you want to make and see him happy. He will thank you for it later!
  9. SPA day! Yes men like these just as much as women do….even though they may not admit it! A joint SPA day together is a perfect way to allow you both to relax together and further cement your bond. You will both escape the everyday stresses of life, leaving things like work, bills and even the kids behind.
  10. Cufflinks – just to emphasise our preference, we have to put this one down again. Another advantage of cufflinks, is that everytime he wears them, he will always be reminded of who purchased them for him – cufflinks offer exceptional sentimental value. Why not have a look through our full range of cufflinks today and see if you can find something for him.

So there you have it, our top 1o mens valentines gift ideas. If you’re looking for valentines gift ideas for me, then it really is easier than you think. Don’t over do it, think simplicity and most importantly, enjoy your day together and remind yourself why you love him like you do. We hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day in 2015.

Alfred & Co. Jewellery

Are you thinking about buying a new mens silver bangle? If you are looking for a new mens silver bangle, then you are amongst a growing number of men who are wearing silver bangles to add to their unique style and look.

Alfred & Co. are passionate about mens silver bangles and believe they add class, style and sophistication to your attire. So what should you be looking for when thinking about buying a new mens silver bangle? To start with, it’s important to note that everyone’s tastes are different, and what one person might like in a mens silver bangle, another may not be too keen on. However, this is what’s key, a mens silver bangle should be different; afterall who wants to look like everybody else anyway?

For example, our Mens Sterling Silver Bangle is a truly unique bangle which both looks and feels fantasic. You can see from the image below, this mens silver bangle has a beautiful oxidized finish, and a look which helps convey true masculinity.

Mens Silver Bangle

However, it’s not only the way this mens silver bangle looks, but it also has a truly wonderful feel as well. It has a nice solid weighted feel, and you can tell just by the way in which it feels when worn, that it will last a long long time. So if you’re looking for a solid sterling silver bangle, this one is an excellent choice.

Another mens silver bangle which has been proving to be a popular choice is the Silver Torque Bangle seen below. This is a unisex silver bangle, and delivers a beautifully smart, sleek finish. Torque bangles have been gaining in popularity over the past couple of years and a lot of this is down to their simplicity. A nice silver torque bangle works well when worn with a smart shirt but at the same time, they work wonderfully well with a more casual look – and it is this versatility which really makes silver torque bangles a popular choise.


Silver Torque Bangle

Silver Torque Bangle

   Alfred & Co. have a wide selection of mens silver bangles to choose from, so if you’re looking for your next silver bangle purchase, or perhaps you’re a first time silver bangle wearer, then make sure you check out all of our mens silver bangles to find a design to suit you. And remember, there is no “right” silver bangle style – we all have different tastes, and it is these different tastes which help us to show off our unique personalities through our jewellery and fashion styles. Find your mens silver bangle today and join the growing number of people who are finding joy in wearing a silver bangle – you won’t regret it.

We hope you have enjoyed reading today’s jewellery blog. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch using the Contact Us page and as always, we will do our best to get back to you within an hour – that’s the Alfred & Co. promise.

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If you have any questions on this, or anything else, simply select the contact us tab at the top of the page and we shall endeavour to get back to you within the hour.

Happy Jewellery Shopping 🙂

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Are you thinking about whether or not you should wear cufflinks? Have you asked yourself recently, “should I wear cufflinks?”…If so, this article is definitely for you!!

Throughout the years we have often heard people ask the question why they should opt for wearing cufflinks rather than going for a buttoned sleeve shirt. Alfred & Co. Jewellery has carried out numerous in-depth pieces of research into cufflinks and on the back of this we have compiled a list of 10 x reasons why everyone should be wearing cufflinks. So in no particular order, here we go….

  1. Cufflink’s add both style and sophistication. Quite often it is said that it is the smallest details which can make the biggest difference. Wearing a nice pair of cufflinks therefore helps to demonstrate that you take pride in your appearance and care about the finer details in life. Simply put, wearing cufflink’s helps you to look your best.
  2. Cufflink’s enable a shirts cuffs to sit perfectly at the wrists. Shirts which have a french cuff always sit perfectly at the wrists when worn with cufflinks. This helps the shirt to both feel and look excellent.
  3. Cufflink’s are fashionable. Although cufflinks have been around for a long time, there is no better time to be seen wearing them than the present. The rich and famous stars from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, to Brad Pirtt and David Beckham have all been seen out and about wearing cufflinks.
  4. Those people who wear cufflinks are more likely to be successful in their careers. Our research studies have found that those who wear cufflinks are generally higher up the career ladder in terms of pay grade than those who do not wear cufflinks. So wearing cufflinks means better career prospects.
  5. Business people who wear cufflinks are 3 x more likely to close that all important business deal. We researched a wide variety of sales organisations and found that those sales staff who wore cufflinks, generally performed on average 3 times better than those who didn’t wear cufflinks. Wearing cufflinks means more sales!
  6. Cufflinks enable people to show off their hobbies, passions and interests. For example, if you are a golfer, then wearing a pair of golf club cufflinks next time you’re about shows your passion and commitment to such a fantastic sport. The same applies for other types of hobby cufflinks such as football cufflinks and rugby cufflinks etc.
  7. Cufflinks are a great conversation piece. If you use reason 6 above for example, then if you were wearing some golf club cufflinks, if someone you are with also plays golf this can be a brilliant way to begin a conversation. Wearing cufflinks means you talk more!
  8. Wearing cufflinks can offer fantastic sentimental value. For example, if your partner or parents was the person who bought you them, then the next time you are at work and perhaps not having the best of days, all you have to do is take a quick glance at your cufflinks and you will be instantly reminded of your loved one. You will be surprised at how many people out there have cufflinks which are of tremendous sentimental value to them.
  9. Cufflinks help you to stand out from the crowd. A great example of this is in an interview situation. If you are wearing cufflinks and the other candidates are not, then this small difference can be all it takes for you to pip them to the post.
  10. Cufflinks help the wearer to both look and feel wealthy. Similar to point number 1, the fact that cufflinks help to add both style and sophistication can do absolute wonders to the mindset. They can help you feel wealthy, not only in terms of monetary value, but also in health and happiness.

So there you have it, Alfred & Co. Jewellery’s 10 x reasons why everyone should wear cufflinks. We love cufflinks, and so should you :).

We have also been busy producing a short cufflinks video in case you’d like to view this: –

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