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Football Gift Ideas…

Football cufflinks – the coolest gift for men who love both sports and fashion Need some inspiration for cool men’s gift ideas? Forget about the eternal “manly gifts”, such as perfumes and aftershaves – they are overrated and have become somehow trivial over time. Belts and ties? Predictable and kind of risky, if you don’t […]

Gift Ideas For Men…

Are you looking for gift ideas for men? There are lots of gift ideas for men and Alfred & Co. Jewellery are here to help you make a decision and choose the best option. We have drawn up a list of some of our best gift ideas for men, which will hopefully make your search […]

Why Tie Clips are a must have fashion accessory….

A Tie Clip, also known as a Tie Bar or Tie Clasp, is essentially a stylistic clothing accessory which is used to clip a tie to the front of a shirt, with the primary purpose being to prevent the tie from swinging about. This has its obvious advantages for those who work in more manual […]

Now it’s even easier to find your perfect jewellery purchase!!

Hello, we just wanted to give you all a little update on what the team at Alfred & Co. have been working on lately. As well as adding to our jewellery collection, we have also made a couple of tweaks to make your jewellery shopping experience even better. Now, when you need to search for […]

Why Novelty Cufflinks Make a Perfect Novelty Gift Idea For Men…

So the time has come again where you are looking for mens novelty gift ideas. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, novelty gift ideas for men have always been a popular choice. Mens novelty gifts, however, come in many shapes and forms. Because there is such a wide range […]

Mens Valentines Gift Ideas

Are you looking for mens Valentines gift ideas? It’s getting to that time of year once again where people are frantically asking the same old question – “what gift shall I get my man for Valentines day?”. Well here at Alfred & Co. we put our heads together to compile a list of our top […]

Mens Silver Bangles…add class, style and sophistication.

Are you thinking about buying a new mens silver bangle? If you are looking for a new mens silver bangle, then you are amongst a growing number of men who are wearing silver bangles to add to their unique style and look. Alfred & Co. are passionate about mens silver bangles and believe they add […]

Jewellery Discount Code | Free Shipping | 10% VOUCHER CODE

Are you looking for a jewellery discount code? Alfred & Co. Jewellery just love to provide little surprises for our valued customers and regular readers. Therefore if you use the coupon code “FreeShip” at checkout you will guessed it…Free Shipping! To benefit from this jewellery special offer, all you have to do is enter […]

10 Reasons why you should be wearing cufflinks…

Are you thinking about whether or not you should wear cufflinks? Have you asked yourself recently, “should I wear cufflinks?”…If so, this article is definitely for you!! Throughout the years we have often heard people ask the question why they should opt for wearing cufflinks rather than going for a buttoned sleeve shirt. Alfred & […]

Brand New Alfred & Co. Website Launch.

Hello, we are very excited to finally announce the launch of the brand new Alfred & Co. website Here at Alfred & Co. we supply a wide range of men’s cufflinks, tie clips, men’s silver bangles, men’s silver bracelet’s and ladies silver bangles. Alfred & Co. believe in supplying only the best quality, stylish and elegant […]

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